The Effigies | Adolescents | Cockney Rejects | Descendents

The Effigies – We’ll Be Here Tomorrow
Burning Lady – Shame on Your Crew
Adolescents – Nightcrawler
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – To Make a Toast to Life
Kamikaze Girls – Stitches
The Falcon – War of Colossus
The Falcon – The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole
Apologies, I Have None – Love & Medication
Descendents – Limiter
Joanna Gruesome – Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)
The Jollars – The Fight
Cockney Rejects – Goodbye Upton Park
Clean Break – Hate Culture
Lies – Rot
Lies – Alone
Black Tusk – God’s On Vacation
Frameworks – Song of Myself
Countdown – Live for Now
My Funeral – Future Voilence
Noise – Betrayed

Episode 157: Punk Rock A-Z: The Queers | Quincy Punx | Queensbury Rules

The Queers – Get Over You
The Queers – White Minority
The Queers – I Knew GG When He was a Wimp
The Queers – We’d Have a Riot Doing Heroin
Quincy Punks – Blowin’ Chunks
Quincy Punks – Splatter Punk
Q and Not U – Hooray For Humans
Queensbury Rules – New Breed Rising
Queensbury Rules – We Are Skinheads
Q-Ball – Chick Checker

Episode 155: The Interrupters | Dag Nasty | Harrington Saints | The Get Down and Other Hip Hop

The Interrupters – On a Turntable
The Interrupters – She Got Arrested
Dog Party – Enough
Dog Party – Rebel Girl
The Kings Seattle – Because You’re Young
The Kings Seattle- Cool Under Pressure
Stealers – Don’t Hold Back
Stealers – Knife Point
Dag Nasty – Wanting Nothing
Harrington Saints – Last Call
Bong Mountain – Monday Song
Mouses – Hollywood
The Hammer – Drowning
Integrity – Judgement Day
Integrity – Darkness
The Misfits – Laser Eye
Direct Hit! – Pain in Brains
Direct Hit! – Do the Sick
Toys that Kill – Sentimental Ward

Say It Out Loud – The Interrupters, ‘Til You’re Mine – Dog Party, Elwood – The Kings Seattle, Street Law – Stealers, Cold Heart – Single – Dag Nasty, Fish & Chips – Harrington Saints, You’re Doin’ Great! – EP – bong mountain, Vermin – EP – The Hammer, Friday the 13th – EP – The Misfits, Wasted Mind – Direct Hit!, Sentimental Ward – Toys That Kill

Top Hip Hop Picks
Stoney Point – Demrick & DJ Hoppa
Collect Call – Demrick
Handshakes with Snakes – Apathy
Streets of Compton – The Game
Only Way Out – Jooba Loc
MC4 – French Montana

Foundation: B-boys, B-girls and Hip-Hop Culture in New York 1st Edition




Episode 154: Heavy Shit Vol. III

Hellyeah – Startariot
Deceptionists – Through The Veil
Tides of Sulfur – Woe to you O Destroyer
Cannibal Accident Rectum Loosener
Cortez – Notice
Monument of a Memory – Affliction
Gutter Instinct – Death Cult
Colosso – To Purify
Silverbones – Wild Waves
Dark Hunters – In My Fortress
Debunker – Logical Zombie
Prong – Sense of Ease
Assassin – Back From The Dead
Diabolizer – Condemned to Burn In Hell

Episode 153: Hard Wax | Old Firm Casuals | Every Time I Die | Masked Intruder

D.O.A – Fucked Up Donald
Bishops Green – Do Anything You Wanna Do
Hard Wax – Kings of the Weekend
The Old Firm Casuals – Breakout
The Old Firm Casuals – Noddy Holder
Mizery – Mizery
Mizery – Discrimination of Eye
Friend or Foe – Foe – Paid the Price
Friend or Foe – Earn It
Cornered – Time Has Come
Every Time I Die – The Coin Has a Say
Drunk Couples – Dick Swining Contest
Drunk Couples – Clingers
The Hellfreaks – Burn the Horizon
Deerhoof – That Ain’t No Life To Me
Masked Intruder – Take What I Want
Pup – Doubts
Pup – My Life is Over & I Couldn’t Be Happier
Dysnea Boys – Christian Bail
Dysnea Boys – Find Water
Reno Divorce – California