Episode 222: Hardcell | Grit | Raise My Kilt | Roadside Bombs | Evil Edna

Hardsell – Suzie Brass Knuckles
Coldside – Lions Pride
Icons of Filth – Plastic Wrap
The Spitfires – Over and Over Again
The Agitators – I Wanna Know
The Agitators – Paradise
Tim Loud and the Psychotronic Men – Oh Yeah, Motorcycle
Stealers – Fast and Loose
Grit – Stray Bullets
Grit – Push on Through
Raise My Kilt – If the Kids Are United
Raise My Kilt – Raise My Voice
Roadside Bombs – Nowhere, CA
Roadside Bombs – Rise Up
The Horribles – The Voice
The Horribles – United States of Corporation
Whips – Goldmine
Evil Edna – Pennies in my Eyes

Episode 221: Punk Rock A-Z: W

Wisdom in Chains – Burn it Down
Wisdom in Chains – I Believe In Miracles
The Windowsill – Around ’97
Wasted Life – All Fucked Up
The Weirdos – (We’ve Got) The Neutron Bomb
Wake Up Call – Under Their Control
War On Women – Meathead
Whitemare – Metallicaz Playing at my House
The Warlords – Johnny
Wednesday Night Heroes – Foreign Policy
Wastoids – We Are (The Wastoid Crew)
Westbound Train – I Don’t Belong Here
Warfare – Ain’t Got No Attention
Weekend Bowlers – I Know Who My Friends Are
Wadeye – Never Forget
Wits Dead End – Life on the Line
Western Addiction – God Says No
The Warriors – Buddah of the Backstreets
Wasted Nation – Streets of Fear
Working Poor USA – Never Surrender
Workin’ Stuffs – Runnin’ the Flatlands

Episode 220: Coldside | Dead Lennons | DDC | Crucial Change | A Very Loud Death

Coldside – Fuck Your System
Dead Lennons – Bad Day
Dead Lennons – Corrupt
Converge – Eye of the Quarrel
Davis Records Music – Are You Thriving?
Offensive Threat – Fly Your Own Flag
Enziguri – Disambiguation
Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 – Midnight Mass
Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 – Christine
DDC – Feast for Vultures
DDC – (We Are) United
Crucial Change – The Fire Next Time
Crucial Change – Final Call
Dement to Be – Danny
Rotunda – Spitting Feathers
The Brass Action – Wreckless
Hangman – Abandoned
A Very Loud Death – Lanterns

Episode 219: NYHC Vol.7

Punishment Due – Sentanced To Serve
Soldiers – Choosing Revenge
Soldiers – Nothing More, Nothing Less
Pro-Pain – Three Minutes Hate
Pro-Pain – Pigs in Clover
Ludichrist – Thinking of You
Ludichrist – You Can’t Have Fun
Crippled Youth – Stand Together
Crippled Youth – Walk Tall, Walk Straight
Quicksand – Under the Screw
Off Minor – No Coverstationalist
Born Against – I Am a Idiot
Born Against – Janelle
Glassjaw – Must’ve Run All Day
Glassjaw – Stuck Pig
Bold – Talk is Cheap
Bold – Always Try
Madball – It’s My Life
Madball – No Return
King Nine – Damnation

Episode 218: Swanmay | Thra | Streepthroat | Radium Grrrls

Swanmay (Austria)
-So high/ So low

Thra (Arizona)

Streepthroat (New York)
-Sex Positive
-I Love Revenge Movies
-Mary, Who Are You?

Radium Grrrls (Sweden)
-Pro Choice
-Tight Skin
-Grrrls Like Us

Empty Threat (Mississauga, Ontario)
-Afterburn Paralysis