Episode 202: Homesick | Parlor | Block Parent | Nuclear Power Genocide

Rebel Songs Podcast Episode 13

Homesick (Ukraine)
-Empty Lines

Parlor (France)
-Lick The Stars

Block Parent (Cambridge Ontario)
-Chud Life.
-Laces Out, Dan
-Danger! Danger! Tilt!

Nuclear Power Genocide (Quebec)
-Heroes of Chaos
-Game Over
-Disgust of Mankind

Ep. 201: The Dead Chachis | False Consciousness | Ond Tro |Blackseer |Still Awake

The Dead Chachis (Texas)
-Fuck College
-The Great Devide

False Consciousness (Georgia)
-Slipping Away
-Fuck Your Flag

Ond Tro (Denmark)

Blackseer (Iowa)
-War Hungry
-Ceaseless Destruction
-The Devil’s Artifice

Still Awake (Germany)
-Buy Or Die
-No Exit
-Wanted Dead

Episode 200: More Vomit Stories | NEW Piffbreak Arcade | The Creepshow | Agony Kings

The Bennies – Bankrobber
Piffbreak Arcade – 27 Club
Piffbreak Arcade – Flawed Design
Obliterations – Ad Nauseum
Wire – After Midnight
Agony Kings – Agony Kings
Social Distortion – Through These Eyes
MC5 – Kick Out the Jams
Rancid – Say Goodbye to Our Heroes
Great Cynics – Summer at Home
The Lillingtons – Project 313
The Creepshow – Sticks & Stones
Everymen – M.B
Cloak-Dagger – 13 Everything
Tim Timebomb – Swallow My Pride
Steal the City – Beating Heart
Los Dingos – Looking Back
Mindset – Effigy
Civil War Rust – Walking Down Ward
Talk Show Host – We’re Not Here To Make Friends

Episode 199: Unit F | Mental Fatal | White Crime | Antirad| Vex

Unit F (California)
-Same Ol’ Story

Mental Fatal (New Zealand)
-Stand up
-Who Are They?!
-One Drunk Valentine

White Crime (New York)
-Guillotine For Pepe

What’s Left? (California)
-What a Drag
-Up Enough

Disparo! (Australia)
-Hipster Killers
-Beers, Broads & Power Chords
-Noise & I Don’t Mix

Antirad (Texas)
-Can’t Sleep
-No Time
-Pain and Paranoia

Vex (Hungary)
-Can You Feel it

Episode 198: Stateless_Punx | New Best Friend | Lethal Means | The Difficult Brown | Reckoning Force

Stateless_Punx – Wake Up
Stateless_Punx – Pollution
Stateless_Punx – Police Bastard
New Best Friend – Burt Ward
New Best Friend – Cesar Romero Jr.
Lethal Means – Endless Nightmare
Lethal Means – Total Control
Lethal Means – Constant Fear
The Difficult Brown – Stand Up
The Difficult Brown – Now With Me
The Difficult Brown – Hug a Cop
Reckoning Force – Reckoning Force
Reckoning Force – Can’t Make It Stop
Reckoning Force – Outcry
Anticitizen – Bricks Not Ballots
Anticitizen – I Hate
Anticitizen – NJ Punx
Nearly Offensive – Dead Rats
Nearly Offensive – Fit In
Nearly Offensive – Scene Is Dead
Big City Bombers – 10,000 Miles
Big City Bombers – Die Hard
Big City Bombers – No Time To Slack
Sudden Attack – More I Know
Sudden Attack – Peace of Mind
Sudden Attack – Eye Witness
Bottom Feeder – Psychogenesis
Bottom Feeder – Death Drive
Bottom Feeder – Undoing
Enemies – Petty
Enemies – Coward’s Mind
Enemies – Thought Prison
Misused – I Turned Into a Cannibal
Misused – We’re Here to Eat Your Brains
Miused – Death By a Million Mutant Monsters
Ruin It – Patterns
Ruin It – Now
Ruin It – Locked Up