Episode 154: Heavy Shit Vol. III

Hellyeah – Startariot
Deceptionists – Through The Veil
Tides of Sulfur – Woe to you O Destroyer
Cannibal Accident Rectum Loosener
Cortez – Notice
Monument of a Memory – Affliction
Gutter Instinct – Death Cult
Colosso – To Purify
Silverbones – Wild Waves
Dark Hunters – In My Fortress
Debunker – Logical Zombie
Prong – Sense of Ease
Assassin – Back From The Dead
Diabolizer – Condemned to Burn In Hell

Episode 153: Hard Wax | Old Firm Casuals | Every Time I Die | Masked Intruder

D.O.A – Fucked Up Donald
Bishops Green – Do Anything You Wanna Do
Hard Wax – Kings of the Weekend
The Old Firm Casuals – Breakout
The Old Firm Casuals – Noddy Holder
Mizery – Mizery
Mizery – Discrimination of Eye
Friend or Foe – Foe – Paid the Price
Friend or Foe – Earn It
Cornered – Time Has Come
Every Time I Die – The Coin Has a Say
Drunk Couples – Dick Swining Contest
Drunk Couples – Clingers
The Hellfreaks – Burn the Horizon
Deerhoof – That Ain’t No Life To Me
Masked Intruder – Take What I Want
Pup – Doubts
Pup – My Life is Over & I Couldn’t Be Happier
Dysnea Boys – Christian Bail
Dysnea Boys – Find Water
Reno Divorce – California

Episode 152: Shakedown 8 | Punk Rock Opera | The Secret Sauce | The TiPs

Anti-Flag – The KKk Took My Baby Away
Dig it Up – Anything Goes
Dig it Up – Keep Away
Shakedown 8 – Let Me In
Shakedown 8 – No Responsibility
The Tips – Leaving Home
Punk Rock Opera – Reagan Shut Down The Asylums
Punk Rock Opera – 1984
The Secret Sauce – Pretty Little Butterfly
The Secret Sauce – It’s Getting Old
Corrective Measure – Right Direction
Hesitation Wounds – Hands Up
Hesitation Wounds – Teeth
Discipline – We Can’t Be Beaten
Discipline – Stake Your Claim
Pears – Cloverleaf
Pears – The Tile of St. Stewart
Wicked Bears – Nothing But Time
Yellow Stitches – Long Gone

Because I forgot Episode 150: Punk Rock A-Z: P

The Patrons – Are You Ready
The Parasitix – Ammerican Immigrant
Poison Idea – Cold Black Afternoon
Pistol Grip – Broke Radio
Pasadena Napalm Division – Spreaking In Tongues
Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Banned From The Pubs
The Planet Smashers – Heart Like a Lion
Psycho Charger – Pscyho Death Machine
The Pist – Ideas are Bullet Proof
Plan of Attack – Glass Half Fucked
The Pietasters – Higher
Pure Impact – Heartache
The Partisans – Police Story
Pagans – We Dont Need
Paddlecell – Robbers
The Prowlers – Friday Night
Patriot – Cohesion
Panic – Rise
Pennywise – Bro Hymn

Episode 151: NYHC Vol. 1

Warzone – She’s a Skinhead Girl Warrior
Warzone – United Worldwide
Young and Useless – Home Boy
Cause for Alarm – Parasite
Cause for Alarm – Summer on Avenue A
Everything Sucks – Anything Can Happen
Agnostic Front – Take Me Back
Agnostic Front – Hardcore! (The Definition)
Full Scale Riot – Shackles
Full Scale Riot – Depopulation
108 – Guilt
108 – Martyr Complex
Draw the Line – Clutch
The Abused – Nuclear Threat
A Breed Apart – Hardcore Strong
A Breed Apart – What We Do
Icemen – Rest In Peace
Revival – All Bridges Burned
Revival – Find Your Release
Gorilla Biscuits – First Failure
Gorilla Biscuits – Gorilla Biscuits
Mad Diesel – A.C.A.B
Mad Diesel – Narcissit
Breakdown – Life of Bullshit
Breakdown – All I Ask
Hangman – Faceless