Episode 215: Heavy Shit Vol. V

Limbsplitter – I Ate Her Spine
Okily Dokily – Godspeed Little Doodle
Butcher Babies – Monsters Ball
Hoofmark – Amongst a Sea of Darkness
So This Is Suffering – Palace
Vatican – Slit of Creation
Extremity – Fatal Immortality
Grate – Legalize Everything
Unearthly Trance – Into the Spiral
Take Over and Destory – Job Coffins
Bullet Proof – Revolution

Episode 214: BKS | The Adhesives | The Complicators | Reinstated | The Eyelids

Anti-Heros – Hurrican Bubba
The Violators – Fugitive
The Violators – Summer of ’81
BKS – The Baconhater
BKS – Tv Baby
Piss Test – Talkin’ Shit
The Adhesives – Fuck Your Opinion
The Adhesives – Assault and Battery
The Complicators – Wake Up
Transplants – Live Fast Die Young (The Violators Cover)
Transplants – Saturday Night
Reinstated – CEO
Reinstate – Great Antagonist
The Oppressed – Victims
All Out Helter – Battered Grounds
Gogol Bordello – You Know Who We Are
Gogol Bordello – You Saboteur Blues
CJ Ramone – Run Around
The Eyelids – Louise

Episode 213: The Lucky Ones | Horn and Hoof Records | The Dog Town Rebels | Paint Fumes

The Lucky Ones – We’re The Lucky Ones
The Lucky Ones – Old School Punk Rockers
Clayface – Only Guy in the World
Tio Rico – Somewhere Between
Incisions – Chops
The Crash Mats – Watchmen
Bear Trap – Goodbye
Saint Peter Square – Live or Die
Direct Hit – You Got What You Asked For
Pears – The World Is Ending
The Dogtown Rebels – Bricks and Mortar
The Dogtown Rebels – Plastic Cockney
Paint Fumes – Weird Walking
Paint Fumes – Massive Confusion
Press Gang Union – Blood
Press Gang Union – Young
Darius Koski – Yes I Believe
White Boy and the Average Rat Band – Neon Warriors
Fuck You Pay Me – Dark Side of the Spoon
Nine Layers Deep – Jupiter

Episode 212: Spencer’s Halloween 2017 Vol. II


They Live (Minnisota)
-Wolf Attack
-Devil Heart

Redneck Nosferatu (Oklahoma)
-Papa Kills Babies
-Dead Girls

Pain! (Maryland)
-Live Like The Dead
-Let’s Hear It For Halloween

Wolfblood (Denmark)
-Ride With Satan
-Rot & Roll
-Serpant Queen

Rebel Flesh (Texas)
-Dead Red Lips
-Family Business

The Porno Riots (California)

Episode 211: Halloween 2017 Vol. III

Trigger 13 – As a Reminder
Gutter Saints – Nuclear Meltdown
The Fiendish Phantoms – Through The Graveyard
Miss Dreadful – Under the Floorboards
Dr. Hell – Wasted Horror Punkrock Princess
Damage Done By Worms – Zombie Girl
Six Silver Bullets – Red Scare
Le Cos – Murder Baby
Le Cos – Old Man
5 Star Grave – Through the Eyes of the Monster
The Monsters From Outer Space – Bloodfeast
Morturizer – They’re Coming!
They’re Ghouls – Zombie
Wanton – Cyanide and Arsenic
Route 67 – Mummy’s Curse
Fat Heaven – Turning into a Monster
The Moans – I Don’t Wanna Die Again Tonight
Beneath the Cellar – Wolves
The Lillingons – Night Visions
The Devil’s Hand – The Devil’s Hand
Hanzo – Tarantual
Motel Transylvania – Motel Transylvania
Graveyard Bashers – Baseball Bat Man
Doktor Avalanche – Forbidden Frequencies