Episode 136
Lucifer Star Machine – Eat Dust
Anti-Flag – Broken Bones
Anti-Flag – This is the End
H20 – Black Sheep
H20 – From the Heart
Terror – The Solution
Terror – Sick and Tired
Fatskins – Nation at War
Fear City – Class War
Hostile Minds – Been There
Classhole – Bloodshot
Classhole – Worlds Gone Weak
The Deathless – Adapt and Destroy
The Deathless – Perfect Imperfections
Hold Tight! – Why Change Now
Basement Benders – Purple Days
Basement Benders – Horizon
Radioactivity – Stripped Away
Radioactivity – No Alarm
Tenement – Crop Circle Nation
Doll Skin – Family of Strangers

Episode 135
Sharp Weapons – Consume
Storm Troopers of Death – United Forces
Storm Troopers of Death – Identity
Zombieslut – Lobotomizer
The Desolate – The Gate
Psychosomatic – Murder of Crows
Blackhour – Battle Cry
Affliction Gate – Nagative Lucidity
Fucking Invincable – Get it Wrong
Saviours – The Beast Remains
Pantera – Piss
Prong – Ultimate Authority
Digital Doomzday – Burt Reynolds
Obscure Oracle – Wasted Time
Endless Recovery – Blood Countess
Sturmovik – Beware of the Funfair

Episode 134
Attack – Wild Thing
No Man’s Land – Lions Roar
Bonecrusher – Gotta Revolution
Bonecrusher – Class War
Flex Bronco – Kavorka
Flex Bronco – Emerald City Burning
Why+the+Wires – Crashed Home
Great Cynics – North Street
Seaway – Freak
Saddest Landscape – Once We Were Immortal
Harm Done – Abuse / Abused
Harm Done – Big Mouth
Vision of Disorder – Razed to the Ground
Acting Apes – Mental Disease
Wailin Storms – Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
The Roughies – Uncle Obama’s White Cabin
The Roughies – Mexican Tap Water Chug Off
The Bomb – In the red square
The Tommyknockers – Hipters, Vinyl and Puke
The Tommyknockers – It’s Not Gonna Stop
Blisterhead – Hide and Seek
Psychosomatic – Immortal Disease
Syndrom 81 – Contre Vents Et Marees

Episode 133
Newtown Neurotics – Living With Unemployment (Live)
Newtown Neurotics – Stand By Me
Newtown Neurotics – Never Hold Your Tongue
Eastfield – Burt Reynolds Rides Again
Eastfield – Another Boring Eastfield Song
Backfire! – Where We Belong
The Hell – The Fever
Cop Promblem – From Within
Poison Tongues – Vagabond
Atlas Losing Grip – Cast Anchor
Mohicans – Road
Timmy’s Organism – Get Up, Get Out
Timmy’s Organism – Please Don’t Be
Aftermath – Melt Down
Aftermath – Shotgun
Gnarwolves – The Waiting Line
Bangers – No!
Wasted Shells – Masterplan
Blindside USA – Chained Relief
Blindside USA – Wave of Regret
Deforesters – A Song For The Reptoids Of Denver International Airport To Sing

Episode 132
Pantychrist – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Rail Yard Ghosts – Crust PunXmas
Rail Yard Ghosts – Plastic Toys Black Coal
Rail Yard Ghosts – Let It Snow Motherfuckers
Bamboula – I’m Gettin’ Pissed For Christmas
Anti-Heroes – All Hail Santa
Pennywise – Merry Christmas
The Dwarves – Drinking Up Christmas
The Dirty Shirleys – Johnny Thunders X-Mas
Gimp Fist – Father Christmas
The Vaudevilles – Shot My Baby For Christmas
Hateful – Hateful Merry Christmas
New Bomb Turks – Christmas Baby Please Come Home
Chick Maggot – Family Free Xmas Dinner
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Christmas Tree
Sleigher – Let It Snow
Fear – Fuck Christmas
Knock Galley West – Gunslingin’ Santa
Good Clean Fun – XMas Time for the Skins
Showcase Showdown – I Fucked Your Snowman
The Wretched Ones – Christmas Song
Missle Toads – Ultra Christmas
The Coffin Draggers – Jingle Bell Rock
God Damn Gallows – Fuck Christmas
Mr. T Experience – Merry Fucking Christmas
Los Gatos Locos – Father Christmas
Rancid – Xmas Eve She Got Up and Left Me
PantyChrist – Nuttin for Christmas

Episode 131
Reverend Horton Heat – We Three Kings
Reverend Horton Heat – Frosty the Snowman
Creepshow – Santa Claus is Back in Town
Creepshow – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight)
The Dickies – Silent Night
The Kraneos – Run Rudolph Run
Zebrahead – All I Want For Christmas Is You
Death Cab For Cutie – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Face to Face – Blue Christmas
The Yobs – Run Run Rudolph
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – This Time of Year
August Burns Red – Home Alone Theme
August Burns Red – Carol of the Bells
The Curs – I Saw Mama Kissin’ Santa Clause
The Toasters – Happy Christmas
The Dualers – Mus-be Christmas

Episode 130
Integrity – March of the Damned
Integrity – Live it Down
Integrity – Hollow
Integrity – Psychological Warfare
Backfire! – Money Talks
Coop – In My Stomach
Coop – Pill
UK Feds – Living In Anger
UK Feds – London
Second Youth – How It Was
Teenage Bottlerocket – Be Stag
Teenage Bottlerocket – Social Life
Teenage Bottlerocket – Welcome to the Nuthouse
Teenage Bottlerocket – Skate or Die
Teenage Bottlerocket – Bigger Than Kiss
Teenage Bottlerocket – They Came from the Shadows
Teenage Bottlerocket – Mutilate Me
Teenage Bottlerocket – Punk House of Horror
Teenage Bottlerocket – Radio
Teenage Bottlerocket – Repeat Offender
War Curse – Dawn Patrol

Episode 129
Leftover Crack – The Lie of Luck
Burtti E Ignoranti – Padre Nostro
Burtti E Ignoranti – Senza Leggi
Outreau – No Justice
Outreau – Piece by Piece
The Nils – Waka Waka
The Nils – For the Love of Hank
Fujiwara – Don’t Care
Fujiwara – F’ed Up
Counting Days
Proll Guns – Fucking Troublemaker

Episode 128
Flatliners – Ahead by a Century
Flatliners – Cry Cry Cry
Flatliners – Christ Puncher
Podacter – Connections
Podacter – Bastards and Bleedin’ Hearts
Gangway! – What We Say
Gangway! – Young Hearts
Jetfighter – Nuclear Me
Jetfighter – Talking to Myself
Teen Agers – River Road
Wolf-Face – W-o-l-f Spells Shitkicker
Fatskins – SFFS (Skinhead forever, forever skinhead)
The Ballistics – Killing for Cash
The Ballistics – Time Will Wash Away
Acid Reign – Plan of the Damned
Carved Up – Death Remains
Absolutist – Sleepless Tension
Haste the Day – Begin
Battalion of Saints – Nightmare

Episode 127
Astro Zombies – Burlesque Show
Royal Oi – Skinhead Warrior
Royal Oi – In My Heart
Royal Oi – Violence
Last Crusade – Who The Fuck Are You
Last Crusade – Survive
The Silver Shine – Lordy Lordy
The Hellfreaks – Spladderbar n Sin
13 Bats – Globotox
Obliterations – Poison Everything
Obliterations – Open Casket
Night Birds – In the Red In The Black
Night Birds – Son of Dad
Night Birds – Off the Grid
Smoke or Fire – Second Wind
Smoke or Fire – September
The Defenders – Answer Me Today
The Defenders – Retribution Day
Teen Death – Dart Life
Links: ASTRO ZOMBIES, Royal Oi!, Last Crusade, The Silver Shine, The Hellfreaks, 13 BATS, Obliterations, Night Birds, Smoke or Fire, Drag / Dark Life – Single – Teen Death

Episode 126
Nathan Harris – Voodoo House Rise
The Brains – Wolfman
Denial Fiend – Flesh Coffin
Miss Behave & The Caretakers – On the Top of the Graveyard
Zombie Ghost Train – Glad Rags & Body Bags
All Hell – Mass Possession
The Jims – Poison Candy
The Silver Shine – Maggots
Mad Dog Cole – Lucifer
Demented Are Go – Satans Rejects
The Cenobites – A Butchers Take
Screamers & Sinners – Alien
The Ghost Story’s – Corpse Love
Links: To the Woods – Nathan Harris, Out in the Dark – The Brains, Horror Holocaust – Denial Fiend, Dealing the Death Card – Zombie Ghost Train, The Red Sect – All Hell, Ruin Halloween – the jims, No Mercy – Silver Shine, Kingdom of the Scarecrow – EP – MadDog Cole, Demented Are Go, The Cenobites, The Ghost Storys

Episode 124
Fatskins – Only Came Here To Fight
Fatskins – Never a Victim
Lazy Class – Got Your Back
Lazy Class – Hell of San Domingo
The Transitions – Don’t Want to be a Victim
The Transitions – The Call
Make Your Mark – New Radio
Make Your Mark – The Game
Make Your Mark – Turn It Up
Smut Peddlers – California Gold
Smut Peddlers – Loser
Smut Peddlers – Model Tenant
Plow United – These Six Words
The Headies – Delware’s Humming
Shit Present – Anxious Type
Banquests – To Reminisce
Hellbound Hepcats – Keeping the Wolf from the Door
Hellbound Hepcats – Hold onto Nothing
Boids – Human Bomb
Boids – Gogama
Bois – Plauge Dogz
Links: Viva! – EP – Fatskins, Better Life – EP – Lazy Class, Dark Times – The Transitions, What We Believe – Make Your Mark, Smut Peddlers, Plow United, The Headies, Shit Present, Spit at the Sun – Banquets, Turn Me Inside Out – The Hellbound Hepcats, Superbafrango – BOIDS, Feral – Hellbastard

Episode 123
B Squadron – Means of Escape
B Squadron – Saturdays Soldiers
Alliance – Sarah
Los Brigands – Bad Vibes
Los Brigands – Robbie
Los Brigands – Cold Cold City
BoySetsFire – Don’t Panic
BoySetsFire – One Match
Pears – You’re Boring
Pears – Breakfast
Pears – Judy is a Punk
Radio Havana – Phantom
Wilderness Dream – Rebirth
Wilderness Dream – Kept Under
Ramming Speed – No Forgiveness in Death
Ramming Speed – Choke Holds and Bullet Holes
Laurel Aitken – Sally Brown
Laurel Aitken – Skinhead
Laurel Aitken – Hitchhike
Laurel Aitken – Hey Bartender
Underground Railroad to Candyland – Let’s Go! Take It Slow
Underground Railroad to Candyland – This is a Blind Date!

Links: Rebellion Shop, Nothing’s Clean – Los Brigands, BoySetsFire – Boysetsfire, Go to Prison – Pears, Unsere Stadt brennt – Radio Havanna, Wilderness Dream – EP – Wilderness Dream, No Epitaphs – Ramming Speed, Laurel Aitken, The People Are Home – The Underground Railroad To Candyland

Episode 122
Deadbolt – Telephone The Dead
The Brains – Out in the Dark
The Brains – It’s Alive
Hellbound Hepcats – Black Cats
Misfits – Spook City USA
Demented Are Go – Don’t Go In The Woods
Teenage Bottle Rocket – Haunted House
Denial Fiend – A Fiend Without a Face
Astro Zombies – The Creatures
Links: The Brains, The Hellbound Hepcats, The Misfits, Demented Are Go, Teenage Bottlerocket, Denial Fiend, ASTRO ZOMBIES

Episode 121
Muncie Girls – Pet Cemetary
Hola Gost – Chupacabra
Turbonegro – All My Friends are Dead
Astro Zombies – Zombie Now
Norm & The Nightmarez – Elvis Was a Zombie
The Cenobites – Zombie Carnage
Misfits – Monster Mash
Misfits – Horror Hotel
The Shilver Shine – Zombies from Outer Space
The Diggerz – Fresh Flesh From the Graveyard
Astro Zombies – Monster Stroll
Steller Corpses – Vampire Kiss
Misfits – Curse of the Mummy’s Hand
Muncie Girls, Chupacabra – EP – Hola Ghost, Party Animals – Turbonegro, ASTRO ZOMBIES, Norm & the Nightmarez, Aftermath: The Nuclear Sessions – Cenobites, Project 1950 – The Misfits, The Silver Shine, Dead Stars Drive-In – Stellar Corpses, The Devil’s Rain – The Misfits

Episode 120
Darkbuster – Many Moons
Darkbuster – No Revolution
Vanilla Muffins – No Punkrock In My Car!
Vanilla Muffins – The One and Only
Steel Toe Solution – Wrong Side of the Pond
Steel Toe Solution – Dick in the Dirt
Great Collapse – Waves
Great Collapse – Dawn Stations
Great Collapse – Origins of a Species
Murder Brothers – I Got Fire
Murder Brothers – Paint It Black
Idle Class – Dawn Stations
Above Them – We’re All Going Down
Above Them – Broken Bones
No Resistance – Downtown
No Resistance – Lets Hear it
Links: No Revolution – Darkbuster, The Drug Is Football – Vanilla Muffins, Demo-lition (The Long Lost Tape & More) – Steel Toe Solution, Great Collapse, Of Glass and Paper – Idle Class, Above Them, No Resistance

Episode 119
Los Kung Fu Monekys – Taking It Easy
Los Kung Fu Monekys – See You In The End
Los Kung Fu Monekys – Move On
The Cenobites – Hyperdrive
The Cenobites – The Deal
The Cenobites – Dynamite Lust
Joey Cape – Me the Witness
Joey Cape – Spill the Guts
Blisterhead – Tumbling Down
Make War – Just Listen to the Songs
Make War – Bloody Faces
Fredag Den 13e – 13 Procent
Fredag Den 13e – Varför Ska Jag Lyssna
KMPFSPRT – Die Welt Kann Mich Nicht Mehr Verstehen
The Record Collection – Neon Glow
The Record Collection – Revolutions
Death Motif – His and Hers
Alright – Mixed Signals
Bleach Everything – Free Inside
links: Rudeboy Rockers – Los Kung-Fu Monkeys, The Cenobites, Stitch Puppy – Joey Cape, Tumbling Down – Blisterhead, Make War – Make War Domedagar – Fredag den 13:e, KMPFSPRT, Bleach Everything, The Record Collection, Death Motif, Alright

Episode 118
Real McKenzies – Up on a Motorbike
Real McKenzies – Midnight Train to Moscow
Real McKenzies – You Wanna Know What
Spam Javelin – Ghetto Scum
Spam Javelin – Fuck Off
Big Foot Accelerator – Working Man
Big Foot Accelerator – Get Some
Big Foot Accelerator – Victim
Big Foot Accelerator – My Way
Big Foot Accelerator – Internal Combustion
Lota Red – Reason
Work Unit – Je M’appelle Alex
Deathstorm – From Oblivion
Implode – Behind Craven
Razorbats – Mess It Up
Razorbats – Planet Riff
Casual Nausea – Benefits Benefit No One
Casual Nausea – Fucking Coppers
Chewed Up – Cycle Path
Chewed Up – Don’t Lose Yourself
Cattle Decapitation – Mutal Assured Destruction
Rats in the Burlap – The Real McKenzies, Rat Race – Bigfoot Accelerator, Lota Red, Deathstorm, Implode, Razorbats, Cattle Decapitation, Spam Javelin, Work Unit, Casual Nausea / Chewed Up

Episode 117
Jonny Manak & The Depressives – Don’t Talk To Me
Jonny Manak & The Depressives – Cold Pizza and Warm Beer
Jonny Manak & The Depressives – Monsters
Against the Grain – Afraid of Nothing
Against the Grain – Run for Your Life
Cash Registers – 91 Reasons
Cash Registers – War Zone
No Fun – Pull the Trigger
Johnny B Morbid – Exile
Johnny B Morbid – It Came From the North
Pass Away – Monster
Pass Away – The Blue Hour
Pass Away – Fuck Outta Here
Blatoidea – Wake Up Dead
Blatoidea – Down in Hell
Blatoidea – See them Burn
Harm Done – Alone
Harm Done – Boiling Point
Counterparts – Resonate
Counterparts – Burn
Butcher Babies – Monsters Ball
Links: Jonny Manak & The Depressives, Road Warriors – Against the Grain, Context Demos – Cash Registers, How I Spent My Bummer Vacation – No Fun, Johnny B. Morbid, Tragedy Will Find Us – Counterparts, Butcher Babies

Episode 116
The Lancasters – Why Don’t You
The Lancasters – Mental Breakdown
The Lancasters – Control
The Kirkz – The Fifth Plague
The Kirkz – They Came For Me
Mega Jeff – Moonshine
Mega Jeff – Hangover Moneky
Neutron Rats – Internet Age
Neutron Rats – White Walls
The Midlife – Just Another Day
The Midlife – Best Laid Plans
Forced Order – New Forms
Forced Order – Turn the Knife
Forced Order – Blind to Trust
In Defence – Don’t Fuck With the Dungeion Master
In Defence – Death Pit
The Worst Doubt – Legit Disdain (Ft. R1)
The Worst Doubt – Mindfuck
Blister Head – Degenerated
Stop Breathing – I Can’t Stop
Stop Breathing – Keep Gunning
Stop Breathing – Sing Along
White Reaper – Make Me
White Reaper – Candy
Meat Wave – Network
Links:Alexander and Gore (2000 – 2005) – The Lancasters, Vanished Crusade – Forced Order, In Defence, Demo 2015 – EP – The Worst Doubt, Tumbling Down – Blisterhead, Stop Breathing, White Reaper Does It Again – White Reaper The Kirkz, MegaJeff, Neutron Rats, The Midlife

Episode 115
Lower East Side Stitches – Rustic City
Lower East Side Stitches – Down the Drain
Lower East Side Stitches – Could Just Die
Lower East Side Stitches – ID
Lager Lads – Even the Score
Last Resort – Fuck ‘Em All
Last Resort – Lest We Forget
Lions Law – One By One
Lions Law – City Streets
Last Seen Laughing – You’re Fucking Dumb
Lars Fredrickson & The Bastards – To Have and to Have Not
Left Alone – City to City (Ft. Tim Armstrong)
Left Alone – New York City
Left Alone – Justino
Lower Class Brats – Pill Box
Losin’ It – Brainwashed Youth
Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One – Hooligans
Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One – Kingston
Leftover Crack – Gang Control
Leftover Crack – Rock the 40oz
Last In Line – No Guts No Glory
Lower East Side Stitches, Even the Score – Lager Lads, The Last Resort, Lion’s Law, Last Seen Laughing, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, Left Alone, Lower Class Brats, Losin’ It, Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Leftöver Crack, Boston Drops the Gloves – A Tribute to Slapshot – Various Artists

Episode 114
The Blood – Done Some Brain Cells Last Nite
The Blood – Joys of Noise
The Blood – Such Fun
The Blood – Stark Raving Normal
All Out War – Arise
All Out War – Servants to the Obsolete
The Bad Engrish – Oi! Is…
The Bad Engrish – We Still Are
The Doogettes – Girls at the Milk Bar
External Menace – Rights Now
After the Fall – Twenty Nine
Choking on Illusions – Sleepwalker
The Penske File – Bedroom Angels
The Penske File – Waster
Mad Sin – Real Wild Child

Episode 113
Anti-Flag – Brandenburg Gate Ft. Tim Armstrong
Anti-Flag – All of the Poison, All of the Pain
Foreign Legion – Nowhere Left to Hide
The Shame – Crossing the Line
Rivershores – A Cynic’s Smile
Connoisseur – Pot Hole
Tormenter – C.P.R
Tormenter – The Final Form
Villains – Like Father Like Son
Villains – Grim Game
Pink Panzer – Dick in Dixie
Pink Panzer – Stick in the Mud
Good Riddance – Teachable Moments
Good Riddance – Take it to Heart
Wolf Down – Torch of Reason

Episode 112
Nashville Pussy – Before the Drugs Wear Off
Nashville Pussy – Going Down Swinging
The Oppressed – Head Kicked In
The Oppressed – White Flag
The Prowlers – Made on the Streets
The Prowlers – Urban Soldiers (Oppressed Cover)
Glory Days – The Line
Glory Days – Reality Check
The Hellfreaks – Boogie Man
Pale Angels – Piss Water
The Interrupters – Babylon
The Beatdown – Crazy
The Beatdown – The Night I Searched for You
Wisdom in Chains – Resonate
Wisdom in Chains – Songs to My Killer
The 4-Skins – Evil
Links: Nashville Pussy, The Oppressed, The Prowlers, The Hellfreaks, Pale Angels, Babylon – Single – The Interrupters, The Beatdown Meets Hugo Mudie – The Beatdown, Wisdom In Chains, The 4 Skins – The 4 Skins

Episode 111
Koffin Kats – Detroit
The Interrupters – The 11th Hour
The Scotch Bonnet – Tropical London
Hola Ghost – Django
Authority Zero – I Wanna Riot
The Horde – Tongue of Death
The Horde – Two Dollars & A Bullet
Break Anchor – Beyond Occupy
Break Anchor – DtFkwtme
Mad Dog Cole – The Machine
War On Women – Second Wave Goodbye
War On Women – Swagger
Red City Radio – Two out of Three Aint Rad
Infa Riot – Kids of the 80s
The Horde – Queen Wasp
Music Links: Hooligans United a Tribute to Rancid – Various Artists, Koffin Kats,The Interrupters, Hola Ghost, Authority Zero, The Horde, Break Anchor, Mad Dog Cole, War On Women, Red City Radio, Infa Riot

Episode 110
Knucklehead – Boomtown
Kill Your Idols – I’m Still Here
King of Clubz – Down By Law
King Friday – Heard You The First Time
Kings of Outer Space – Imaginary Friend
Klingonz – How Long the Fuck Do You Wanna Live
Kitty in a Casket – Nighttime
Koffin Kats – Laws of Sanity
King City Thieves – Now That’s What I Call Bullshit
Kings of Nuthin – Wild in the Street
Kicked in the Head – I Want You Dead
Kicker – Broke
King Django – Really
The Kriminals – Sex & Violence
Klasse Kriminale – Get Up Stand Up
Knucklehead, Kill Your Idols, King of Clubz, Heard You The First Time – King Friday, Kings Of Outer Space, Klingonz, Kitty In a Casket, Koffin Kats, The Kings of Nuthin’, Boston Drops the Gloves – A Tribute to Slapshot – Various Artists, Broke – Kicker, King Django & the Scrucialists, The Kriminals, Klasse Kriminale

Episode 109
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
Deathwish – Deahtwish
Deathwish – Out For Blood
Biotoxic Warfare – Lobotomized
King Parrot – Like a Rat
Dysteria – Epitaphs
Fire Next Time – Prophets
Fire Next Time – Hellfire and Damnation, He Said
The Old Souls – Old Souls Reborn
The Old Souls – Fuck Decency
TwopointEight – Martha St.
The Real Deal – Proven
The Real Deal – No More Games
Grieved – Glistening
Grieved – Pale Hands
Blitz – Someone’s Gonna Die Tonight
Music Links: Singles – Bikini Kill, Out for Blood – Deathwish, Dead Set – King Parrot, Cold Hands – Fire Next Time, From Wires – Twopointeight, Samaritans – Grieved, The Best of Blitz – Blitz

Episode 108
Nathan Harris – Born In Black
Nathan Harris – To the Woods
Voice of Reason – For You
Voice of Reason – Forever Strong
The Last Charge – Order Through Chaos
The Last Charge – Fuck Humanity
Maraboots – PPDHalles
Maraboots – Neuski
Maraboots – Ils Sont Partis
Outreau – Borders after Borders
The Young Idea – Santa Cruz
The Young Idea – Warpaint
The Randumbs – Next American Dad
The Randumbs – Road Rage
Voice of Reason – Hybrid Moments
Links: To the Woods – Nathan Harris, Voice of Reason, The Last Charge, The Randumbs

Episode 107
Full Scale Riot – War
Full Scale Riot – Sheeple
Rile 9 Collective – Common Enemy
Rile 9 Collective – Choice to Stand Alone
No Man’s Land – United Oi!
Raygun Cowboys – Bitter Shame
Raygun Cowboys – Nothing Left To Lose
All Out Attack – Swindled
Winston & the Churchills – Why Do You
Happy Campers – Model America
Wits Dead End – The Follower
Wits Dead End – Legend
Bench Press – Pissed Away
Drug Control – Because of You
Vanilla Pod – She’s Dead Now
Vanilla Pod – G.T.B
Raygun Cowboys – Moving On
Depopulation – EP – Full Scale Riot, To Walk in Truth – EP – Rile 9 Collective, Raygun Cowboys, All Out Attack – All Out Attack, Dancing With Demons – Happy Campers, Split – EP – BENCHPRESS & Martyr’s Tongue, Vanilla Pod – Vanilla Pod, No Man’s Land, Wits Dead End, Drug Control

Episode 106
Lion’s Law – Skinhead
Lion’s Law – Laced Up
Lion’s Law – Rollin’
Judo Kick – Bye, Bye Planet Earth
Judo Kick – Three Chords
The Brandons – Mississippi Mollie
DogHouse Swine – I’m Suffocated
Urban Savage – Minimum Wage-Maximum Slave
Urban Savage – Wasted Time
Urban Savage – I Got Nothing To Say
Violent Reaction – Leave Me Out
Violent Reaction – Crust Fund
Time Shares – State Line to State Line
Time Shares – Same Day, Different Week
YDI – I Killed My Family
Music Links: Lion’s Law, Judo Kick, Mississippi Mollie – Single – The Brandons, DogHouse Swine, Violent Reaction, Timeshares, YDI

Episode 105
Poison Idea – I Never Heard of You
Poison Idea – Me & DJ
Cross Examination – Ritual Snackrifice
Cross Examination – The Dawn of the Dude
Fast Response – God Made Me Angry Then He Pissed Me Off
Peter Pan Speed Rock – Tunnel Vision
Peter Pan Speed Rock – Buckle Up and Shove It!
Bishops Green – Government Lies (CLIP)
Compaint – Bullshit
Octaves – Golf Tips
Sonny Vincent & Spite – Dog on the Subway
Sonny Vincent & Spite – Bad Superstition
Mr. Irish Bastard – I Hope they Sell Beer In Hell
Mr. Irish Bastard – Evil Ways
Peter Pan Speed Rock – New Rose
Links: Music: Poison Idea, Cross Examination, Peter Pan Speedrock, Bishops Green, Octaves, Sonny Vincent & Spite, Mr. Irish Bastard

Episode 104
Bishops Green – We Got Nothing
Bishops Green – Resistance
Bishops Green – Defiance
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – 7 Ways to Sunday
Tim Timebomb and Friends – Save it for Later
Bio-Cancer – Boxed Out
Bio-Cancer – Haters Gonna…Suffer!
Mischief Brew – We Are the Ground
Complaint – All the Same
Complaint – Shadowwalkers
Complaint – Fuck Off
Madball – The Here and Now
The Vigilantes – Vigilante Justice
Antique Scream – No Control
Bishops Green, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Tim Timebomb, Bio-Cancer, Mischief Brew, Madball, The Vigilantes

Episode 103
The Goddamn Gallows – Demon in the Night
The Goddamn Gallows – The Maker
The Goddamn Gallows – Load Yer Gun
A Breed Apart – Our Way
A Breed Apart – In My Head
A Breed Apart – Blueblood Pride
Rotting Out – Born
Rotting Out – Eyes Wide
Better Days – Careless Whispers
Stagger and Fall – The Warning
Rust – Suicide Sunday
The Prosecution – A New Seentation feat. Chris #2
The Prosecution – Words of Peace
The Ghost Stories – Fight for Your Right
Get some fuckin’ music: The Goddamn Gallows, A Breed Apart, Rotting Out, Nope – Better Days, Stagger and Fall, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Rust, The Prosecution, The Ghost Storys

Episode 102
The Pietasters – I Can’t Stand It
Razorcut – Razorcut
Razorcut – Fighting Spirit
Razorcut – Who Are You
Bobby Hollywood and the Quiters – Fix Me Up
Bobby Hollywood and the Quiters – May Twenty First
The Domestivs – Orchestrate Your Pose
Black Volvo – Rockers
The Franceens – Attaack
Blacklisted – Burnt Palms
Blacklisted – When People Grow, People Go
Kill Refridgerator – Shower Thrasing Death
Rumble Club – Lydsay’s Gonna Drive
Sick Sick Sinners – Six Feet Underground
Sick Sick Sinners – Same Breed
The Oppressed – Joe Hawkins
Links: The Pietasters, Razorcut, Blacklisted, Rumble Club, Sick Sick Sinners, The Oppressed, Bobby Hollywood & The Quitters, TNSrecords

Episode 101
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Johnny Apple Seed
The Joneses – Pill Box
The Joneses – Looks so Good
The Jims – Goodbye Jenny
The Jims – I Wanna Be Nick Jagger
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Police on My Back
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Rudie Can’t Fail
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Get Down Moses
JFA – We Know You Suck
Jughead’s Revenge – No Apologies
Jughead’s Revenge – Afraid
Jughead’s Revenge – L.A Girl
Jason Cruz and Howl – Reno
Jason Cruz and Howl – Warsong
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Redemption Song
Links: The Cover Up – EP – The Brains, toyGuitar, Backstage Passport Soundtrack – NOFX, Home Street Home: Original Songs From the Shit Musical – NOFX, Denial Fiend, Radio Havanna, The Brokedowns, OFF!, Roadside Bombs, The Pepper Pots

Episode 100
The Brains – Rebel Yell
Toyguitar – Hyenas
Toyguitar – Is It True
Toyguitar – I’m In My Head
NOFX – Insulted By Germans
NOFX – Last Night Was Really Fun
Home Street Home – I’m Suicide
Home Street Home – Because I Want To
Denial Fiend – Corrupted Flesh
Denail Fiend – After Party Massacre
Radio Havanna – Raketen
Radio Havanna – Feuer
The Brokedowns – Life is a Breeze
The Brokedowns – Everything is Immoral
Off! – Time’s Not On Your Side
Roadside Bombs – Back Street Noise
Roadside Bombs – Recess Control
Utter Failure – Fuck Your World
The Pepper Pots – My Little Girl
The Cover Up – EP – The Brains, toyGuitar, Backstage Passport Soundtrack – NOFX, Home Street Home: Original Songs From the Shit Musical – NOFX, Denial Fiend, Radio Havanna, The Brokedowns, OFF!, Roadside Bombs, The Pepper Pots

Episode 99
The Silver Shine – Don’t Trust the Girl With the Chainsaw
DDC – Bitter End
Assault & Battery – Truth, Libery & Justice
Assault & Battery – Still Pissed
Prins Carl – Power in the Union
Prins Carl – A.L.S
Isotopes – Chicks Dig the Long Ball
Isotopes – Hiroshima Deamin’
Sniper 66 – Parasite
Sniper 66 – No Substance
Sniper 66 – Society
The Taj Motel Trio – Up The Punx
The Taj Motel Trio – Here We Go Again
Jeff Rosenstock – You In Weird Cities
Jeff Rosenstock – The Lows
The Silver Shine – Skulls

Music Links:
The Silver Shine, Prins Carl, Isotopes, Sniper 66, The Taj Motel Trio, Jeff Rosenstock

Episode 98
Cock Sparrer – Argy Bargy
Cock Sparrer – I Got Your Number
Noi!se – Blame
U.S Bombs – Shot Down
Tommy Gun – Farewell
Final Conflict – Apocalypse Now
Final Conflict – Crucifixion
Beige Eagle Boys – You Can Make The Beat Go Boom Baby
Connoisseur – Circle of Heads
Discourse – Losing Game
Unbreakable – Inked in Blood
Cold World – Hell’s Direction (ft. Kool G Rap)
18 Miles – Never Look Back
Blacklisted – Memory Lane
Reducers S.F – Not Too Quick
Links: Cock Sparrer, Noi!se, U.S. Bombs, Final Conflict, Beige Eagle Boys, Connoisseur, Discourse, Cold World, 18 Miles, Blacklisted, Reducers SF

Episode 97
Against Me – T.S.R
The Brandons – Gonna Blow
The Brandons – Total Disgrace
The Brass Action – Pick Me Up
The Brass Action – Who Needs Them?
Choke Up – Coldest Brew
Zex – Fight For Yourself
Zex – We’re Rebels
East End Radicals – Dolce Vita
East End Radicals – Whistleblower
Auslander – Bombs Away
Auslander – Total Fucked Up Mess
CDC – Degeneration
CDC – Temple
Live and Obey – The Mask
The Black Lantern – On Your Knees
Music Links: Against Me!, The Brass Action, Choke Up, Zex, East End Radicals, Auslander, CDC, The Black Lantern, Boysetsfire

Episode 96
Bombsell Rocks – Poison Radio
Bombshell Rocks – Scars and Tattoos
Bombshell Rocks – One Vision
Blindside USA – Sick Ways
Blindside USA – Drag
25 ta Life – You Don’t Like Me I Don’t Like You
Terror Empire – Skinned Alive
Terror Empire – Strings of Rebellion
Skinfull – Warrior
Skinfull – When Will I Learn
Dethfox – Natural Media Teleforce
Dethfox – Deathray Spec
In Other Climes – Dreams
In Other Climes – Brainwashed
Nightbirds – Golden Opportunity
Music Links: Bombshell Rocks, 25 Ta Life, Terror Empire, Skinfull, In Other Climes, Nightbirds, Blindside USA, Dethfox

Episode 95
Razorblade – Annihilation
OFC – American Dream
Lazy Class – Better Life
Lazy Class – Rebellion
Freebase – Peace Offering
Quiet Man – Endless Bastard
Blasted – Blasted
Teef – Quiet Life
Oh My Snare – Unforetold Hands and Voices
System of Hate – Ashes of Divinity
System of Hate – Insanity
NYC Headhunters – Dont Worry About It
NYC Headhunters – Piece of Crap Stomp
RF30 – TacbBellxBox
The Caballeros – Another Day
Links: Oi! Ain’t Dead, Vol. 3 – EP – Various Artists, Better Life – EP – Lazy Class, System of Hate, Free Base, Quiet Man, Blasted, Teef, Oh My Snare, NYC Headhunters, RF30, The Caballeros

Episode 94
Worlds Scariest Police Chases – I had a Time
Worlds Scariest Police Chases – Blackin’ In
Worlds Scariest Police Chases – Punk Rock Ruined My Life
Entrophy – Choppin Broccoli
Entrophy – Dressed to Depress
The Shrine – Waiting for the War
Crown Court – Style Identified
Last Crusade – Morally Bankrupt
Last Crusade – Cycle of Terror
Doka – Not Excited
Doka – When We Were Kids
Barking Irons – Backyard Brawl
Barking Irons – Boots in your Face
AntiDonts – PMA (Please Move Away)
AntiDonts – Fuck Your Institution
Ruthless Ones – Devastating Jams
Ruthless Ones – We Couldnt Care, No
The Mahones – The Hunger & The Fight
Links: Worlds Scariest Police Chases, The SHRINE, Crown Court, DOKA, The Mahones, Entrophy, Last Crusade, Barking Irons, The AntiDont’s, The Ruthless Ones

Episode 93
Coldside – Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders
Coldside – Step the Fuck Up
Skinfull – Skins Don’t Run
Rancid – Face Up
Rancid – Back Where I Belong
Forever Came Calling – Substances
Convict – Strength
Convict – My Dedication
Convict – Join this Death
All Dinosaurs – 600 Volts of Freedom
All Dinosaurs – What About Elvis
Archie Powell & The Exports – Bend Over Backwards
Lagwagon – One More Song
Lagwagon – In Your Wake
Black Ball – Lights On
Black Ball – First Love
Oceanside Sound System – It’s a Revolution
Coldside – Crucified
Coldside, Skinfull, Rancid, Forever Came Calling, All Dinosaurs, Archie Powell & The Exports, Lagwagon, Oceanside Sound System

Episode 92
Agent X – Bad Girls Go To Hell
Radiacs – Hellraiser
Batfinks – Rasin Hell
Kitty in a Casket – Way To Hell
Black Cat Bone Squad – Surf to Hell
Poison Ivvy – Devil to Pay
Bad Temper – The Devil’s Whore
The Hangmen – Whore for the Devil
69 Beavershot – Devil’s Chase
Cult of the Psychic Fetus – She Devil
The Brains – Devil in Disguise
Cremators – Devil in the Bottle
Celtix – The Devil on my Back
The Cramps – Devil Behind that Bush
Demented Are Go – Satan’s Rejects
Blood Sucking Zombies from Outerspace – Blood on Satans Claw
Casket Creatures – Bark of the Beast
Casket Creatures – Tale of the Beast
All Else Fails – Dig Up Her Bones
Pharaohs – Tomb of the Dead
Demented Are Go – Shadow Crypt
Pasadena Napalm Division – Cemetery Mass
Dragstrip Demons – Graveyard
The Hangmen – Dancing On Your Grave
Eight Ball Grifter – Spit on my Grave
Buy some shit:
Psycho Killers – Various Artists, Kitty In a Casket, Black Cat Bone Squad, Bad Temper, The Hangmen, 69Beavershot, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, The Brains, Cremators, Celtix, The Cramps, Demented Are Go, Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, The Casket Creatures, All Else Fails, The Pharaohs, Pasadena Napalm Division, Dragstrip Demons, Eight Ball Grifter

Episode 91
Masked Intruder – Silent Night
Vice Squad – Santa Claws in Comin to Town
Vice Squad – Rockin’ Sround the Xmas Tree
Bad Religion – White Christmas
Bad Religion – Hark the Herlad Angels Sing
Pariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas
Common Enemy – All I Want For Christmas is a Bag of Weed
Lion’s Law – He Never Came Around
The Dollyrots – Santa Baby
Face to Face – Merry Chirstmas
The Vacancies – Father Christmas
On the Job – Merry Chirstmas & Short Crooped Hair
Droogettes – Vixen
Bishops Green – Christmas in New York
Evil Conduct – Silver Bells
Saints and Sinners – Fairytale of New York
Angry Snowmans – North Pole
City Saints – I Hope Santa Dies
Front Porch Step – I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Drug Shock – No Holiday
Hooligan – Punk Rock Christmas
DDC – Christmas Time Again
Maddog Surrender – All I Wanted for Chistmas in the Stanley Cup
MXPX – Christmas Night of Zombies
Assult and Battery – Who the Fuck is St. Nick
Harrington Saints – XMAS
The Traditionals – Drunk Tank Christmas
Brassknuckle Boys – Christmas in Prison
Masked Intruder – Under the Mistletoe
Cashing In On Christmas, Cashing In On Christmas Volume 2 – Various Artists, Cashing In On Christmas, Vol. 3 – Various Artists, Masked Intruder, Vice Squad, Bad Religion, Pariah Carey, Common Enemy, Lion’s Law, The Dollyrots, Face to Face, The Vacancies, On The Job, The Droogettes, Bishops Green, Evil Conduct, Saints and Sinners, Angry Snowmans, City Saints, Front Porch Step, Drug Shock, Hooligan, Maddog Surrender, MxPx, Harrington Saints, The Traditionals, Brassknuckle Boys

Episode 90
Nekromantix – Monster Movie Fan
Krewmen – Beware the Moon
Evil Devil – Devil Crew
The Sharks – Draculas Daughter
The Sharks – Jack the Ripper
Pox – Psychotic Killer
Breakout – Witchcraft
Demented Are Go – Nuke Mutants
Demented Are Go – Holy Hack Jack
The Lucky Devils – Nightmares
English Dogs – Planet of the Living Dead
Kill Van Helsing – The Corpse is Cool
Paddedcell – Area 51
Mr. Madwrench – From the Cradle to the Grave
Phantom Cowboys – Trasylvanian Girl
Coffin Nails – Skeleton Swamp
Kitty in a Casket – Zombie Wannabe
The Meteors – Graveyard Stomp
The Men from Uncle – Bad Trip
Wrechhouse Stranglers – Until the Afterlife
Links: Nekromantix, Krewmen, Evil Devil, The Sharks, Pox, Breakout, The Men From Uncle, Demented Are Go, The Lucky Devils, English Dogs, Kill Van Helsing, Mr. Badwrench, Phantom Cowboys, Coffin Nails, Kitty In a Casket, The Meteors

Episode 89
Electric Bird Noise – Lazy Tumbleweeds
The Hangmen – 21st Century Frankenstein
The Hangmen – Acid Bath – Gun Law
Deadbolt – Creepy World
Demented Are Go – I Wanna See You Bleed
Demented Are Go – Now She’s Dead
Nekromantix – Chasing Ghosts
Nekromantix – Rot In Hell
Night Nurse – Where Shadows Go
The Barnyard Ballers – Skitzo Family
Michale Graves – Zombie
Black Cat Bone Squad – All My Friends Are Vampires
Mad Dog Cole – Son of Satan
The Dwarves – Dead on the Floor
Neck-Valve – She’s Fallen in Love with a Serial Killer
The Surfin’ Wombatz – Welcome to the Nightmare
The Gutter Ghouls – The Devils Work
Sex With Lurch – Monster Surf Party
Links: Electric Bird Noise, The Hangmen, Deadbolt, Demented Are Go, Nekromantix, Night Nurse, The Resignators, Barnyard Ballers, Michale Graves, Long Tall Texans, Black Cat Bone Squad, Dwarves, The Surfin’ Wombatz, The Gutter Ghouls, Sex With Lurch

Episode 88
The Dwarves – Bleed Alright
Magnetix – Creature of Outer Space
Kitty In a Casket – Space Invaders
Kitty In a Casket – Undead Men
Frantic Vermin – Wildest Vamp
Zombie Apocalypse – Fill My Mouth With Dirt
Zombie Apocalypse – March On to Victory
Kill the Precedent – Free Reign (Everybodys Dead)
English Dogs – Punk & Judy
English Dogs – Ripper on the Street
Demented Are Go – Brand New Corpse
Demented Are Go – House of Blood
Psychonauts – Ghould Friend
Night Nurse – Cursed
Chainsaw Lombotomy – Too Dead to Skate
Cryptkeeper Five – She’s Gotta Lotta Pain
Bubblegum Screw – Canninal Girl
Teenage Bottlerocket – Forbidden Planet
Evil Devil – The Walking Dead
Casket Creatures – Bad 2 Hearse
Reverened Horton Heat – Zombie Dumb
Links: Dwarves, The Magnetix, Kitty In a Casket, Frantic Vermin, Zombie Apocalypse, Kill The Precedent, Where Legend Began – English Dogs, Demented Are Go, Psychonauts, Night Nurse, The Cryptkeeper Five, Bubblegum Screw, Teenage Bottlerocket, Evil Devil, The Casket Creatures, The Reverend Horton Heat

Episode 87
The Cheats – Pittsburgh Cockfight
Electric Frankenstein – I Feel So Lonely
Nofx – No Fun In Fundamentalism
99 Bottles – U.S Skinhead
99 Bottles – Cigarette
Hostage Calm – A Thousand Miles Away
Nostril Caverns – Fight Till Death
Dead Kelly – 4561
Sloths – Elegy
Guns of Brighton – Rude Boy Warning
Guns of Brighton – All the Young Hooligans
Immoral Discipline – Riff Raf
Dead on the Street – Early Grave
More Than Life – You’re Not Alone
The Copyrights – Try So Hard
Shock Nagasaki – Shock Nagasaki
Alestorm – Surf Squid Warfare

Episode 86
English Dogs – Hate Song
Drug Shock – Burn the Bastards
Drug Shock – Choose or Lose
The Interrupters – Haven’t Seen the Last of Me
The Interrupters – Easy on You
Masked Intruder – I Fought the Law
Close Shave – The Real Oi!
Close Shave – You’re Wondering Now
Social Damage – Eye for an Eye
Court Street – Who Fights For Us
Expire – Nobody
Expire – If it Were Up to Me
The Dwarves – Sluts of the USA
The Dwarves – Fun to Try
Fast Response – G.T.R
The Transitions – Live Fast, Die Young
Cold Blue Mountain – Strongest Will

Episode 85
DDC – Hated
Antagonizers ATL – The Crew
Pennywise – Slow Down
Pennywise – Violence Never Ending
Self Defense Family – Fear or Poverty In Old Age
Plow United – Little Bit of Hatred
Night Nurse – Deep Sleep
Night Nurse – Mean Old Low Down Dirty Bastard
Bastard Feast – Old Father
Bastard Feast – A Tribute to What We Stole
Gaslight Anthem – Rollin and Tumblin
Gaslight Anthem – Red Violins
Everytime I Die – Overstayer
Bad Sam – Sweet Dreams
The Drag Hook – Out of Reach
Man’s Ruin – Not Without a Fight

Episode 84
Dayglo Abortions – Wasted No Worried
Anger Flares – Let’s Get Drunk
The Prowlers – Lost and Drunk
The Prowlers – End of the Week
Toughskins – Get Drunk
Razors in the Night – Alcoholist
Reducers SF – New Rounds
Reducers SF – Empty Bottles
Sidetracked – Wasted
True Grit – Empty Bottle
Oiz II Men – Another Drinking Song
Beerzone – Stag Week
The Jackoffs – Drink Now Pay Later
Enraged Minority – Cheers
The Bollox – Whiskey Wonderland
Needles//Pins – Only Call Me When Your Drunk

Episode 83
No Resistance – Situations
No Resistance – Can’t Reach Me
Iron City Hooligans – Let’s Brek the Law
Iron City Hooligans – Asshole
Old Firm Casuals – Never Say Die
Madball – My Armor
Madball – Born Strong
Corrupt Moral Altar – Insect Politicians
Hashed Out – Total Bore
Hashed Out – Maniac
Reverend Horton Heat – Never Gonna Stop It
Reverend Horton Heat – Schizoid
Razors in the Night Verbal Pollution
Needles-Pins – Shamebirds
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Karma Chameleon

Episode 82
Downset – Whos Trippin
Downset – Champion
Gob – Same as it Ever Was
Gob – Walking Alone
Dogchains – Change
Dogchains – Take
Direct Hit! – Wasting Away
Plan of Attack – All the Lessons
Plan of Attack – Used to Be
The Copyrights – Don’t Want In
The Copyrights – No Knocks
Cannabis Corpse – Zero Weed Tolerance
Cannabis Corpse – Voice of the bowl
The Manges – I Tried to Die Young
The Manges – My Bad

Episode 81
Angelic Upstarts – King of the Rats
Harm Done – Hammer Stomp
Harm Done – My, Myself and I
The Adolescents – Fukushimi Lemon Twist
The Adolescents – Forumal 13
Brain’s All Gone – March of the Youth
Headstone Horrors – Frankenstiens Girl
No Man’s Land – Death and Taxes
No Man’s Land – Opportunistic Politicians
The Young’s Boot – Malang Skinhead
Surgery Withtout Research – Deform Not Conform
Circle of Rage – Unnatural Selection
Circle of Rage – Fear Does not Exisit in this Dojo
Left of Right – Miley
The Prowlers – Bandlands
Episode 80
Brassknuckle Boys – American Girl
Brassknuckle Boys – Busted and Disgusted
Frantic Flinstones – Chrystal Meth Head
Razors in the Night – Basement Bridgade
Damn Garrison – Bloody Corner
Adolescents – A Dish Best Served Cold
Mugwumps – Pass Out
New Born Authority – Circa 2004
New Born Authority – New Born Authority
Snag – Pass the Buck
Snag – Too Cool For School
Lipstick Homicide – I Hope you Die
Apologies I have None – Two Bombs in a box
Losin It – Class Dismissed

Episode 79
Anti-Nowhere League – Adventures of Peter Vile
4 Skeevy Dudes – All Aboard
4 Skeevy Dudes – Message to a friend
Largemouth Bastards – Train Song
Against Me – Unconditional Love
The Boys – 1976
The Boys – Punk Rock Girl
The Lawrence Arms – You Are Here
The Lawrence Arms – The Profiteers
Habits – Indestructible
Hangover Generation – No Politcians
Off! – Void you out
Off! – Over our Heads
Social Damage – Wrecked
Social Damage – Unwelcome Mat
Eyehategod – Agitation! Propaganda!

Episode 78
Sour Mash Kats – My Baby’s Got the Flesh Eatin’ Bacteria
The Recently Deceased – Sweet Dying Love
Virgin Whores – Walk Away
The Agrestix – Boot Boys
Murderers Row – Alleyway
Murderers Row – Give the Pain
Sniper 66 – I Know It’s True
Sniper 6 – All Dressed Up
Concrete – Born to Never Lose
DSK – The Price of War
Set Aside – End of this Road
Set Aside – You’re Estupid
Razorblade – My Name is Vengeance
Razorblade – Sniffing Glue
Bane – Final Backward Glance

Episode 77
Die Hunns – Back N Black
Beat Devils – Whole Lotta Rosie
Retching Red – I’ve Been So Mad Lately
Pantychrist – Bitch
Pantychrist – No Gods No Masters
I Object – Teaching Revenge
Uprisers – Ghetto Blaster
Uprisers – Everybody’s Got a Reason
Custom Fit – Life’s Too Short
Custom Fit – One Hit Blunder
The NagNagNag – Song of the NagNagNag
Damn Broads! – Above the Law
Damn Broads! – Won’t Back Down
Damn Broads! – Nature of the Game
Tilt – War Room
Tilt – Viewers Like You
The Roosterz – 24-7
Revolt – Over the Edge

Episode 76
The Boils – Blood on the Field
The Boils – Into the Enemies
Jack Move – The Union & I
Jack Move – One More Year
Bane – Calling Hours
Bane – Park St
Rust – Sailors Grave
Rust – Boots and Buckles
Hammered Grunts – Sk8ers Paradise
Warriors – Dead to Me
Only Crime – See it Die
Only Crime – We are Devided
The Ricohets – Psycho
The Ricochets – Easy Action
Primitive Man – When Getting High Is Not Enough

Episode 75
City Saints – Kicking Ass for the Working Class
City Saints – Rude Boy Rock N Roll
The Planet Smashers – Back Alley Runners
The Planet Smashers – D-Don’t
Discharger – No Place for Our Kind
Clean Break – Long Way To Go
Clean Break – Seize the Day
Bane – All the Way Through
Bane – Non-Negotiable
Dog Company – Can’t Keep Me Down
Dog Company – For Our Friends
Walk the Plank – Fear No Man
Daycare Swindlers – Telephone
Boy – Stay Free
Boy – Drop the Bomb
Black Cat Bone Squad – Chicken Rag

Episode 74
Copstabber – Soberphobic
Oiz II Men – Beer Street
Set Aside – 12 Pack Therapy
The Bollox – Wake Me in the Morning
The Gonads – Drink Till I’m Skint
Bastards on Parade – Drunken Haze
Whiskey Daredevils – Me and My Black Eye
The Slow Death – I Need a Drink
Get Dead – Bartender
Beerzone – One Too Many
Lagwagon – Randal Gets Drunk
Real McKenzies – 10,000 Shots
Real McKenzies – Pickled
Dropkick Murphys – Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced

Episode 73
The Interrupters – Liberty
The Interrupters – White Noise
Ignotus – The End
Inebriates – Alley Girl
Incite – Aftermath
I Object – Heard the Herd
Infected – My Friend Sleep
Inspector 7 – They Say
The Invaders – Where Ya Gone
Integrity – Learn to Love the Lie
Into the Moat – Dead Before I Stray
Iron Cross – Glory
Iron Mind – Look into My Eyes
Iron Mind – Steel Trap
Ivy League – Port City Beer Boys

Episode 72
Boids – Smartass
Boids – Shadows
Bishops Green – Pressure
Bishops Green – Silence
Human Cull – The Sentence is Death
Human Cull – Bomb Gripper
Foreign Legion – Phoenix from the Flame
Foreign Legion – My Radio
Shameless – Oi! For My Nation
Shameless – Friday Night Losers
Razorblade – Warriors
Lion’s Law – Hanging on the Corder
Razorcut – Locked Up
Concrete – We Are All Reapers Here
Concrete – Lionheart
Subrockers – Rock this City

Episode 71
H2o – Journey to the End of the Easy Bay
The Haddonfields – Bully
Hammered Grunts – On Call
The HandMe Downs – M.I.A D.O.A
Hard Evidence – Criminals and Outcasts
Hard Resistance – New World Order
Harrington Saints – Factories
Harrington Saints – Saturdays In the Sun
Hateful – Take What You Get
The Headliners – The Kids Just Wanna Dance
Headwound – Trendsetter
Hillbilly Moon Explosion – Chich Habit
The Heart Attacks – Tearstained Letters
Hoods – Book of Hell
Horrorpops – You Vs. Me
Hounds and Harlots – Bloodlines
Hour of the Wolf – Fix Me
Hudson Falcons – I’m a Worker
H2o – Train in Vain

Episode 70
Subsets – Ape Facin’
Subsets – I Don’t Wanna Be Here
Hard Evidence – Last One Standing
Hard Evidence – All the Answers
Epic Problem – Weak
Epic Problem – Sink
99 Bottles – Lost My Way
Total Annihilation – You Never Were
The Traditionals – Brostal Breakout
The Traditionals – Revolution is Here
Runnin Riot – Ode to the Working Man
Runnin Riot – King of the Swing
The Skinny – Bangin’
The Skinny – Killing Time
Spider Crew – Standing Strong

Episode 69
Lion’s Law – I Don’t Give a Damn
Bum City Saints – Dead Man Walking
Bum City Saints – Steadfast
Youth Avoiders – Grit Your Teeth
Youth Avoiders – Snake Charmer
Colossus – Beacons
One21 – Runaway
Hope for the Dying – Reformation
Those Who Fear – (Un)Holy Anger
Leaders – Hell
Blacklist Royals – Brothers and Sister
FM359 – It Stays With Me
Tech 9 – To Live is to Die
The Offbeaters – Last Time
Rancid – I Wanna Riot

Episode 68
G.O.H – Running from the Law
Gallows – Cult of Mary
Gasoline Kills – Miners RIP
The Gateway District – I’ll Take the River
The Geeks – Still I Stay the Same
The Generators – No Feelings
Get Dead – Here’s Your Song
Get Rad – When Push Comes to Skate
Ghetto Blaster – Beloved GTA
The Gonads – South London Aggro Girl
Good Riddance – Stand
Goodbye Fairgound – Western Gold
Graveyard Johnnys – The Wasted
Gray Matter – Oscars Eye
Gruesome Boys – Heart Shaped Shovel
Gaslight Anthem – Tumbling Dice

Episode 67
Discontent – Rebel
Duffy’s Cut – Doomsday
Duffy’s Cut – Leavin’ Here
Oiz II Men – Cider
Lion’s Law – For My Clan ft. Stomper 98
Lion’s Law – Every Night
Moonstomp – Glorious Day ft. Jenny Woo
Bl’ast – Look into Myself
Abuse – Bloodlust
Abuse – Cold Sweat
Evil Devil – Banned
Evil Devil – Psycho Academy
Anti-Flag – Toaster in the Bathtub
FM359 – A Little Sign

Episode 66
NOFX – New Years Revolution
FM359 – I’ll Be On My Way
FM359 – When the People Check Out
FM359 – Some Folks
Dismemberment – Confess Your Flesh
Dismemberment – Eye of the Keeper
Old Glory – Leave Me Be
Bronco Army – Young Warriors
F.A.V.L – Hated and Proud
Maraboots – Heros de la Oi
Scrapy – Skinheads, Boots & Reggae
Swingin’ Utters – Chain Gang Reaction(ary)
Teenage Bottlerocket – I’m the One Smoking Marijuana Motherfucker
Flatliners – Wynford Bridge
Beerzone – Ernie

Episode 65
Toughskins – Crack Some Skulls
Toughskins – Too Young to Care
Skinlander – Cheers
Firecrackers – Anti Fasis Anti Rasis
Sta-Prest Boys – Here We Are
Spirit of Oi! – Spirit of Oi!
The Young’s Boot – Skinhead Girl
United Blood – We Always Remember You
Moonstomp – Nothing to Regret
Whitemare – Elm Grave
Whitemare – Scene-Agers
Whitemare – Run Away from the Cops
The Warlords – We Know Our Rights
True Grit – I’ll Say
Skainhead – 1969

Episode 64
Menace – One Two One Two
Menace – I Don’t Care
13 Shots – Danzig
13 Shots – Graveyard Stomp
56# Alley Chaps – Night Shapes
56# Alley Chaps – This Planet is Hell
Doomriders – Grand Blood
Doomriders – Mankind
Crusades – The Torchbearer
Western Addiction – Black Salt
Razorcut – You’ll Get Yours
Razorcut – Saving Graces
The Loose Skrews – When the Going Gets Tough
The Loose Skrews – Fuck With Me Not
Sick of It All – I Believe

Episode 63
Barbed Wire Dolls – Revolution
Booze Brothers – Victim of Contradiction
Common Enemy – Dude, Seriously
Common Enemy – Pizza the Hut
Dead Reprise – State of the World
Dead Reprise – The Hammer of Justice
The Fanatiques – I Don’t Like You
The Fanatiques – Where Are They Now
Badlands – Cast Out
Badlands – Rough Diamond
Red City Radio – I’ll Take A Mile
Red City Radio – We Know Who We Are
True North – Intro
True North – Last of Us
Molotov Latte – Built for Speed
Ego Trip – Shut Out
Ego Trip – Punk Complex

Episode 62
The Fighting 8th – We Ain’t Going Nowhere
First Blood – Victim
The Flatliners – Chirst Punchers
The Flatliners – Caskets Full
Flogging Molly – Factory Girls
F-Minus – Here Lies Jessica
Folsom – Piss Up a Rope
Foreign Legion – Rat Race
The Forgotten – Never Accepted
Former Thieves – Whats Real and Whats Not
Free Beer – We Can Do Whatever We Want
Fuck the Facts – Die Miserable
Full Court Press – Broken
Far From Finished – Seasonal Patriot
Dirst Offense – Stand Strong
Foolish – Hangover
Frank Turner – Peggy Sang the Blues

Episode 61
The Menzingers – The Shakes
Bouncing Souls – Burn After Writing
The Warriors – Violence in Our Minds
UK Subs – Implosion 77
Noi!se – Rising Tide
Noi!se – How the Deck is Stacked
Lager Lads – Due Respect
Victory – Laced Up
Victory – Spirit Within
Stage Bottles – Fair Enough
Clean Break – Cut and Run
Clean Break – Behind the Times
Old Firm Casuals – March On
Pitbullfarm – Because You’re Young
The Warriors – Watch Your Back

Episode 60
The Griswalds – Zombie War
The Brains – Zombie Riot
Devil Crockett – Zombiephilia
Flesh Roxon – Zombie
Cold Blue Rebels – Zombie L.A.M.F
Bloodsucking Zombies from Outter Space – Monster Mutant Boogie
Mangled Dead – Radioactive Zombie Priests
The Bonecollectors – They Call Me Zombie
Casual Nausea – Zombie
The Rocket Beats – Zombie
Horrorpops – Walk Like a Zombie
Ripfits – Astro Zombies
The Fuckers – Alien Robot Zombie Bears
The Kasketeers – Zombie Man
Haircut – Zombie
Zombie Ghost Train – Zombie Beach
The Zombiekids – Zombiekids
Send More Paramedics – Zombie Sweetheart
The Dead Next Door – Zombie Blood
Small Town Pimps – Suck My Zombie
Calabrese – Ride With the Living Dead
Saint Vitus – Return of the Zombie

Episode 59
Kings of Nuthin’ – La Chupacabra
Tim Armstrong – Misconceptions of Hell
Horrorpops – Psychobitches Outta Hell
Big Fuckin Skull – Blood Guts and Skulls
Teenage Bottlerocket – Punk House of Horror
Cryptkeeper Five – Scream She Devil Scream
Austrian Death Machine – I Turned Into a Martion
Bouncing Souls – Hybrid Moments
Ghoultown – Killer In Texas
Psychonauts – Drenched in Blood
Damage Done By Worms – Ghostriders In the Sky
The Lucky Devils – People Are Strange
Demented Are Go – Human Slug
Night Birds – New Cults
Teen Idols – Midnight Picture Show
Tiger Army – American Nightmare
The Creepshow – Life After Death

Episode 58
Astro Zombies – Bang Bang
Mickey and the Mutants – Zombie
Send More Paramedics – Zombie Crew
Cold Blue Rebels – Zombie Love
Ghetto Blaster – Zombie State
Bloodsucking Zombies from Outerspace – Rigor Mortis Rock
Creeping Demons – Hospital Zombie Walk
Demoni – Zombie Jesus
The Hates – Rock Zombie
Reproach – Zombie Apocalypse
RumbleJetts – Zombie Girl
Bonsai Kitten – Zombie Mafia
The Brains – Zombie Walk
Mad Marge and the Stonecutters – Dial Z for Zombie
Small Town Pimps – Zombie Boy
Zombiesuckers – Zombie Frenzy at Prom Night

Episode 57
Snow Whites Poison Bite – Zombie Romance
Horrorpops – Where They Wander
Horrorpops – What’s Under My Bed
Nekromantix – Back from the Grave
Nekromantix – Life is a Grave and I Dig it
Bloodsucking Zombies from Outerspace – Giant Spider
Send More Paramedics – Zombie Vs. Shark
6 Feet Down – 6 Feet Down
Pasadena Napalm Division – 100 Beers with a Zombie
Pist – Creature in my Closet
The Creepshow – The Devil’s Son
Mad Sin – Hell A Vision Shock
Emily’s Army – Ho-lloween
Cenobites – Cellar Door
Tiger Army – Ghostfire
Saint Vitus – Children of Doom

Episode 56
PSO – No Sypathy
Strike Fast – Can’t Relate
Strike Fast – Wasted Time (Last Rights)
Bastards on Parade – Outcasts
The Damn Garrison – Unsung Heroes
Raw Justice – Raw Justice
Raw Justice – No Friends
Cut Loose – Peace Within My Mind
Cut Loose – Going Around
The Flatliners – Bury Me
Weapons of Brass Destruction – KAPOW!!!
Weapons of Brass Destruction – Bulldozers on the Playground
Neighborhood Brats – We Own the Night
Neighborhood Brats – Shark Beach
Bad Temper – Slap Your Face

Episode 55 – Halloween pt.1
The Creepshow – See You In Hell
Nekromantix – Howlin’ at the Moon
Nekromantix – Alice in Psycholand
Burial – Nothing Left to Die
Calabrese – Ghostwolves
12 Step Rebels – The Ballad of Frankenstein’s Monster
12 Step Rebels – Graveyard Rockin’
All Pigs Must Die – Death Dealer
Night Nurse – Where Shadows Go
The Reaganomics – Wolfin’ Out
The Brains – Rest in Pieces
The Brains – The Darkness
Children of Technology – Racing Through the Valley of Death
Bloodshot – Spill Your Blood

Episode 54
East End Radicals – Firebombs
Earth Crisis – Filthy Hands To Famished Mouths
Easy Way Out – One and the Same
Echo is Your Love – Lion Tame
Elway – Montreal
Emergency – Idol Generation
Emily’s Army – Strictly for the Birds
Enemy You – City of Lost Children
Energy – Walk Into the Fire
Epoxies – Radiation
Every Time I Die – Typical Miracle
Evil Devil – Letter to the Censors
Executors – No Phone
The Explosion – NYCD

Episode 53
Malfunction – The Devil Inside
Malfunction – My Own Way
Phantom – Go with the Flow
Fortune Teller – Reclaim
PAH – Scene Report
Plan of Attack – Stick to Your Guns
Plan of Attack – Heed the Call
Plan of Attack – Pissed and Proud
Hateful – Push
Hateful – Nice Day for a Mischief
Hateful – All in it Together
Modern Life is War – Media Cunt
Modern Life is War – Old Fears New Frontiers
Neighborhood Brats – Birth Right
Neighborhood Brats – Party Going Nowhere
The Interrupters – My Family (ft. Tim Timebomb)

Episode 52
The Dicks – Dicks Hate The Police
The Dicks – Fake Bands
Dag Nasty – I’ve Heard
Dead Empty – Wake Up
Deal With It – Planet Killer
Death Before Dishonor – Dead To Me
Death Threat – Watch Your Mouth
Demented Are Go – Daddy’s Making Monsters
Deviates – Right Back to You
Dig It Up – Jeff’s Bridges
Discipline – Everywhere We Go
Distillers – Young Crazed Peeling
Drug Budget – No Parking
Dwarves – Everybodies Girl
Die Hunns – Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love

Episode 51
Cancer Bats – R.A.T.S
Call of the Void – Bottom Feeder
Cenobites – Don’t Talk
Ceremony – Back In ’84
Charge 69 – Rock Star Attitude
Choking Victim – Hate Yer State
Civet – You Don’t Know Me
Cilvil War Rust – Walking Down Ward
Clit 45 – Long Beach Kids
Cobra Skulls – Drones
Cock Sparrer – Take Em All
Control – Take ‘Em All
The Corps – Ace of Space
Cremators – Guerilla Beat
Crumbs – Another Shot

Episode 50
Möbius Strip – Interpretation
D.O.A – Boneyard
Free Beer – I Hate Sobriety
Rancid – Bob
Street Dogs – I Got Drunk
Pour Habit – Bad Luck Drunk
Armed Riot – I’m an Alcoholic
NoFX – I’m an Alcoholic
The Pietasters – Wasted
Tim Timebomb – She’s Drunk all the Time
Damn Broads! – Above the Law
The Groggies – Scapegoats
The Groggies – Nameless
The Groggies – By the Black

Episode 49
Backfire! – Take Me Home
Bad Co. Project – Can’t Keep Us Silent
Bad Religion – We’re Only Gonna Die
Bastards on Parade – Outlaw Rebel Songs
Beltones – Weak
Better than a Thousand – Power Within
Biohazard – Where Eagles Dare
Blood for Blood – Some Kind of Hate
Bonecrusher – We are the Working Class
Bonsai Kittin – Hanging on the Telephone
The Brains – Your Dead
The Briefs – Who is Who
Burning Lady – Story of My Scene
The Business – No Mercy for You

Episode 48
A Global Threat – Keep Dancing
Abrassive Wheels – Attack
Accelerators – What Side Are You On
Adicts – All the Lucky People
Adolescents – Tokyo Au Go Go
Adrenicide – Kill Your Neighbours
Against Me – Miami
Agnostic Front – Blitkrieg Bop
Alcatraz – Smile Now Cry Later
Alligators – You Ruined Everything
Alpah & Omega – Lost My Way
Anal Thunder – Let Me Bleed
Antidote – Riot in the City
Anti-Nowhere League – Get Ready
American Nightmare – Kick Out the Jams
Episode 47
Get Dead – This Ones for Johnny
Get Dead – Burn Out
Get Dead – Riverbank
Valley Boys – Rich Kids
Valley Boys – Shooting Politicians
Stealers – Breakout
Badlands – Open Road
Misconduct – Blood on my Hands (ft. Roger from Agnostic front, of course, kinda unmistakable)
Misconduct – Ready to Go
Misconduct – Never Going Down
Gorguts – Forgotten Arrows
Harms Way – Mind Control
Flogging Molly – Present State of Grace
Sass Dragons – Rude Kitty

Episode 46
Dirtbox Disco – Rock N Rolla
Victory – Built to Last
Blue Rockin’ – Killler Depression Blues
Octaves – Premature – Congratulations
Iron Chic – Less Rest for the Restless
Rational Anthem – Darnit
Against Me – Joy
No Turning Back – Watch Your Step
All For Nothing – Without a Doubt
Sick of It All – Falter
Oblivionized – Whore Dogs
Human Cull – Ignoring Fact
Kingsblood – Hordes of the Night
Nothingless – World Keeps Sinking
Womb of the Desert Sun – Valley

Episode 45
Skinful – Fuck It
Black Gust – Thrashin’
Black Gust – Trapped in Static
Elway – Someday, Sea Wolf
Elway – Banned from Gun World
Druglords of the Avenues – This is a Pig
Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Auto Piolot
Gogol Bordello – We Rise Again
Defeater – Bastards
Defeater – Hopeless Again
Cast Off – Propped Up

Episode 44
Alkaline Trio – Olde English 800
Left Alone – Drunk Again
Whiskey Daredevils – Wasted
The Mahones – A Drunken Night in Dublin
Flogging Molly – Druken Lullabies
Dropkick Murphys – Finnegans Wake
Blood for Blood – Goin Down the Bar
Blood for Blood – Cheap Wine
Antidote – Lets Get Drunk
Intoxication – Punx Party
Coldside – Alcohol
Tower Blocks – Drunk in Public
Forever Dead – Meet Me at the Pub
Booze Brothers – Give Em the Booze
The Righteous – Healing Booze
The Porters – Lady Whiskey
Youth Brigade – My Bartender

Episode 43
Social Distortion – Road Zombie
Social Distortion – Gimmie the Sweet and Lowdown
Social Distortion – Alone and Forsaken
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Jackknife to a Swan
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – You Gotta Go!
Urban Soldiers – Get Out of the Way
Disturbance – Youth
Dead Weights – Tidal Wave
Evil Conduct – Skinhead Til I Die
Know Your Saints – The Grey Estate
Bitchwax – Eat Shit and Die
Good Riddance – Heresy, Hypocracy and Revenge
Reaganomics – Lower MGMT
13 Bats – Bomb Extra Bomb
Slapshot – Digital Warfare

Episode 42
Transplants – Something’s Different
City of Vain – Backs Against the Wall
City of Vain – Lessons in Social Class
The Copyrights – Carmelita
The Copyrights – Locked Outside a Motel Without Shoes, a Wallet or a Phone
The Resignators – Old Friend
Varmints & Vagrants – Gotta Go
Varmints & Vagrants – We’re Coming Back
Minor Threat – Bottle Violnce
Minor Threat – In My Eyes
Youth Brigade – All Style No Substance
Teen Idols – Camera Shy
F-Minus – You Owe Me
The Booked – Way of Life
Strawberry Blondes – Hard Times
Deafness By Noise – Work Eat Sleep Repeat

Episode 41
Johnny Flesh & The Redneck Zombies – Back for Brains
Adolescents – Forever Summer
Chainsaw Lobotomy – Hair of the Dog
The Drunk Nuns – Reckless
The Drunk Nuns – Let It Go
The Drunk Nuns – Doubt
Utter Failure – The Next Tragedy
Utter Failure – Pretty Pictures
Utter Failure – Hold It Together
Aspiga – Direction
Among Giants – In the Jungle
Devil In Me – The End
Devil In Me – On My Own
Night Birds – Maimed for the Masses
Night Birds – Barred Out
Choking Victim – Suicide

Episode 40
Anti-Heros – Alcoholics Anonymous
Dropkick Murphys – Caps and Bottles
Rum Rebellion – Raise Yer Glasses
Against Me – How Low
Lagwagon – Beer Goggles
The Raymen – Barroom Burn-Out!
The Scurvy – The Pub
Small Town Riot – Alcohol
Rude Boys – Bartender
NOFX – Beer Bong
Ducky Boys – I Was Intoxicated

Episode 39
Bombskare – Catastrofuck
Bombskare – Freedom 35
Bombskare – Get Gone
Bouncing Souls – Fast Time
Bouncing Souls – DFA
Ducky Boys – Kick
Ducky Boys – The Gravest Generation
Executors – Cold Warrior
Executors – World of Shit
Comin’ Correct – Secret Society
Comin’ Correct – You Can’t Be
Boysetsfire – Heads Will Roll
Boysetsfire – Until Nothing Remains
The Smoking Hearts – Seatbelts
Death Ray Vision – Shattered Frames
Anchoress – Cadillacs
Anchoress – Brooks Was Here

Episode 38
Street Dogs – Drink Tonight
Buck-O-Nine – Let’s Drink
Planet Smashers – Never Going to Drink Again
Saint Street Brawlers – Raise a Glass
Against Me – You Look Like I Need a Drink
NOFX – Go to Work Wasted
NOFX – Bottles to the Ground
Rejected – Drink and Fight
Bloody Irish Boys – Drunk Tonight
Crashed Out – Raise Ya Glasses
Flatfoot 56 – Brotherhood
Street Dogs – Crooked Drunken Sons
Dropkick Murphys – Barroom Hero
Dropkick Murphys – Blood and Whiskey
The Rumjacks – An Irish Pub Song
Dead Kennedys – Too Drunk to Fuck

Episode 37
Buck-O-Nine – Irish Drinking Song
Dropkick Murphys – Rude Awakenings
Blood for Blood – All Fucked Up
The Pubcrawlers – Drunk Again
Street Dogs – Two Bottles
Gogol Bordello – Alcohol
The Mahones – Paint This Town Red
The Mahones – Drunken Lazy Bastard
Bloody Irish Boys – Streams of Whiskey
Tim Armstrong – Alcohol (G.B.H)
Bomb the Music Industry – Showerbeers!
Hudson Falcons – Drinkinè With the Band
Bastards on Parade – Leave the Bar
Booze Brothers – Whiskey Truck
The Bollox – Pints of Guinness

Episode 36
Stabbed in the Back – Skull Eyes
Stabbed in the Back – Last Call
Paper Arms – In Silence
Paper Arms – Bright Lights
Big D and the Kids Table – LAX
Wreck Kings – Demon in the Bottle
Elway – Whispers in a Shot Glass
Despise You – Fear Song
Backfire! – Choose My Own Path
Be My Doppleganger – Backpack Beers
Briefs – 22nd Century Man
Hour of the Wold – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Pissing Contest – Self-Destruct
Authority Zero – On the Brink

Episode 35
Altars – Transparency
Altars – Westboro
The Copyrights – Trustees of Modern Chemistry
The Copyrights – Hard Wired
Against Me – Unprotected Sex with Multiple Partners
Teenage Bottlerocket – Bottlerocket
Brain Shake – Way Back
New Morality – Mental Prison
New Morality – The Last Laugh
Predator – Media Daze
Predator – Wheel of Misfortune
Anti-Flag – When All the Lights Go Out
Nekromantix – Nekrofelia
Shroud Eater – Sudden Plague

Episode 34
The Distillers – Lordy Lordy
Subrockers – Taxi Driver
Subrockers – Playing Games
Bishops Green – Alone
Bishops Green – Senseless
Coldside – Top of the World
Coldside – Valley of Kings
Hard Resistance – Suffering In Silence
Nothington – Don’t Have to Wait
Nothington – Far To Go
Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine – John Dillinger
Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine – Crapture
Rough Kids – In Effigy
Rough Kids – Locked Inside
Beyond Creation – Coexistence

Episode 33
D.O.A – Donnybrook
Chixdiggit – Cheevers
The Boils – I’m a Hockey Fan
The Boils – Warriors on the Ice
Dropkick Murphys – Time To Go
Two Man Advantage – Bastard of the Ice
Two Man Advantage – Sudden Death
Forgotten Rebels – Hockeynite
Hanson Brothers – My Game
Hanson Brothers – The Last Canadian Boy
Slapshot – Punk’s Dead Your Next
Slapshot – Chip on My Shoulder
D.O.A – Still A Punk
D.O.A – We Occupy (Ft. Jello Biafra)
D.O.A – They Hate Punk Rock
D.O.A – The Times They Are A-Changing
D.O.A – We’re Bloodied but Unbowed
Dig It Up – Eyes on Me
Dig It Up – Missing People

Episode 32
Spider Crew – Punks n Skins
Spider Crew – You Better Recognize
Heartless – Ruin
The Screw-Ups – No Truth
The Screw-Ups – Don’t Care Much
The Screw-Ups – Lie Awake
Daycare Swindlers – Bullet Proof
Coilguns – Submarine Warfare Anthem
Coilguns – Commuters Pt.1
Mike Zero – Doctor Doctor
Nothington – Idiot
Toxic Holocaust – Suicide Eye
Toxic Holocaust – Created to Kill
Supreme Commander – Your Best Days
Goodbye Fairground – Western Gold
Shook – Ghost
Acid Deathtrip – This is How We Roll
Heartless – Wrung Out
The Old Wind – Raveneye

Episode 31
Transplants – Come Around
Idle Class – Defiant Kids
Idle Class – Chances are for Poets
United Struggle – Never Alone
United Struggle – Raise Your Glass
Stage Bottles – Fairplay ‘n’ Foul
Stage Bottles – Power for Revenge
Riot Brigade – So Much More
Adolescents – American Dogs in Europe
Rejected Youth – Upside Down
Cold Blue Mountain – Time Flies Like an Arrow
Kruger – Herbivores
Gasoline Kills – Memo 1
Gasoline Kills – For a Friend
Empty Hnaded – Summer
Arrested Denial – Focus
Arrested Denial – Underdog
The Silverhounds – Devil Inside
The Silverhounds – Hold Em High
Centuries – Crumble and Fall

Episode 30
Authority Zero – Lift One Up
Cannibis Corpse – Blame it on Bud
Cannibis Corpse – Blaze of Torment
AC4 – Eye for an Eye
AC4 – Left You Behind
Know Your Saints – Skyscrapers Smoke Signals
Autistic Youth – Soldiers
Autistic Youth – Whose at Fault
The Gateway District – Go Home
The Gateway District – Let it Ride
Pig Destroyer – Iron Drunk
Alkaline Trio – She Lied to the FBI
Alkaline Trio – The Torture Doctor
The Cold Harbour – Homebound
GDP – Butter Scripts
The Underground Railroad to Candyland – That I Dunno
The Bananas – Radio Action

Episode 29
Blanks 77 – Up the System
Easy Way Out – Headcase
Easy Way Out – Comin’ For You
Silverhounds – Drink Til You Die
Pitbullfarm – Moscow
Pitbullfarm – See You In Hell
The Riot Before – You Can’t Sexy Dance to Punk Rock
The Riot Before – We Are Wild Stallions
The Cold Harbour – Dreamers
The Cold Harbour – Passing Existence
Hot New Mexicans – Start With A Maybe
Audacity – Fun Spot
Sonic Avenues – Givin’ Up On You
Sonic Avenues – Television Youth
Anciients – Faith and Oath
Amber – Kings Like US

Episode 28
Toxic Narcotic – Asshole
Wizo – I Hate You
The Manics – The Other Side
Autistic Youth – Fuck Yeah
Autistic Youth – What’s It To You
The Resignators – Alone in a Crowd
The Resignators – W.O.F.T.A.M
Atomic Shelters – New Generation
Thulsa Doom – Material Takeover
Thulsa Doom – Money
The Bombettes – Cherry Shot
The Bombettes – Bombettes
Provider – Wasteland
Provider – Bonekeeper
Koffin Kats – Domination Final
Koffin Kats – Heading off to Battle
Seven Sister of Sleep – Grindstone

Episode 27
D.O.A – Fucked Up Baby
Tiltwheel – Make Like a Tree and Fuck Off
26 Beers – Kid, You’re Fucked
The Queers – Fucked in the Head
The Queers – Fuck You
Screeching Weasel – I Don’t Give a Fuck
Fucked Up – Police
Fuck the Facts – Die Miserable
Skarp – Fuck Your Bad Day
Tattooed Mother Fuckers – Another Scar
American Nightmare – Fuck What Fireworks Stand For
Brutal Truth – Fuck Cancer
Bad Relgion – Fuck Armageddon

Episode 26
Turbonegro – Fuck The World
The Corps – Fuck ‘Em
Anal Cunt – Fuck Yeah
Star Fucking Hipsters – Broken
Adrenicide – Short as Fuck
Skarhead – Fuck the Scene
The Confession – Traitor, Fuck You!
Alcatraz – Get Fucked
Alcatraz – Fuck Off and Die
25 Ta Life – I’m Your Enemy – Fuck You
Subhumans – Fuck You
Big Fuckin’ Skull – Real Skulls
18 Miles – Fuck You
D.O.A – Fuck You

Episode 25
Emily’s Army – Broadcast This
Emily’s Army – Statutory Brainrape
Restorations – Adventure Tortoise
Restorations – New Old
Restorations – Civil Inattention
Apologies, I Have None – 60 Miles
Supreme Commander – Petty Problems
Supreme Commander – The Beat
Ken Mode – Why Dont You Just Quit
Ken Mode – Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick
Radio Havanna – Die Letze Nacht
Radio Havanna – Rettungsboot
Rank-Xerox – Helpless
Rank-Xerox – Sterile Regions
Mindset – Alive Inside
Mindset – Truth
Tequila and the Sunrise Gang – On
Tequila and the Sunrise Gang – One Day as a Lion

Episode 24
Noise Agents – Nuff Said
Noise Agents – Idestructible
Noise Agents – Riots in the City
Los Bastards – King Louie
Los Bastards – A Bloody Shame
Los Bastards – Fight Song
Stealers – Pretty City
Stealers – Hey
Stealers – Time Waster
We Ride – Stay Gold
Something Inside – On the Attack
Light It Up – Dog Days
Hesitation Wounds – A. Smith
Warton – Knee Deep in Blood
Warton – Permanent Blackout
Dynasty – Explicit Method
Colossus – Superficial Saviour
Everything in Slow Motion – Red

Episode 23
Great Apes – It’s A Tran’s World
The Brains – Misery
The Brains – The Monster Within
Virgin Whores – Wasted Youth
Strawberry Blondes – 007 Rudi
Pistol Grip – Scoundrels
Booze Brothers – Rip Off
Walk the Plank – Oxana
Snuff – Bones for Company
Lars Fredrickson & The Bastards – Skunx
Anchoress – Curses
Modern Pets – Necessities
Backslide – A Harlequins Dead
Deafness By Noise – Back in the Days
Deafness By Noise – The Enemy

Episode 22
Transplants – In a Warzone
The Unseen – Your Failure Is My Revenge
Daycare Swindlers – War Drum
Daycare Swindlers – Dead Wood
Pissing Contest – Rat Race
Pissing Contest – Bad Karma
Mad Conductor – Chillin in the Columns
Challenges – Drop the R
Koldbrann – Phantom Kosmonaut
Multiple Truths – I am the Hose, You are the Killer
Multiple Truths – Dark Mass
First Blood – Enslaved
Ghostlimb – Reduction
Stigma – Dead Wrong
Stigma – Forgotten Generation
H20 – Someday I Suppose
H20 – Sick Boys
Booze & Glory – Paradise
Booze & Glory – London Skinhead Crew

Episode 21
Rancid – Fuck You
Authority Zero – No Other Place
The Generators – Wrong Side
Burning Lady – One More
Civil War Rust – Mayday
Civil War Rust – Seven Down
East End Radicals – Up & Over
East End Radicals – Carry On
The Great Divide – Leave Tomorrow
Pipers & Pints – Heaven and Hell
Seven Sisters of Sleep – Orphans
I Am Heresy – Butchers!
I Am Heresy – Torch!
Mindset – Leave No Doubt
Self Defense Family – World Virgins
The Mongoloids – Parallels
Vigilante – Fighting to Survive
Planet Smashers – Get Out My Baby

Episode 20
Dirtbox Disco – I Just Want to Be a Girl
Risk It! – Choose to be Chosen
Risk It! – Who’s Foolin’ Who
American Standards – Raised By Wolves
I Am Heresy – In the Light of a Decaying Sun
Nails – Abandon All Life
Nails – God’s Cold Hands
Ruined Families – Easy Livin’
Great Apes – Quack and the Leaper
Old Man Markley – America’s Dreaming
Teen Idols – Anybody Else
Wrong Idea – Wrong Idea
Wrong Idea – What’s Left Inside
Minor Threat – Out of Step
Minor Threat – Seeing Red
Bold – Wise Up
Bold – Today We Live
Sick of It All – Built to Last
Sick of It All – Call to Arms