Episode 210: Spencer’s Halloween 2017 Episode


Rabia! (Chile)

Poltergeist (Swedin)
-Evil Blood
-Death Devine
-Epitome Of Madness

Made of Teeth (UK)
-Citrus Fetus Potus
-Drunk on Bleach
-Hook, Tooth and Claw

Misused (Calgary, Canada)

Silver Screen Monsters (Oklahoma)
-Blood Thirsty Monster
-Starting Up a Fright

The Decomposed (Oklahoma)
-Behind My Eyes
-Donna the Dead
-Devil Train

Episode 208 & 209 Halloween 2017 Vol. I & II


The Filthy Lowdown – Serve Dinner In Hell
Doktor Avalanche – Science Fiction Double Feature
Venus De Vilo – I’ve Got 99 Zombies and a Witch Ain’t One
Fat Heaven – Bowling For Bones
Eccentric Funeral – Careful John He’s a Psychopath
Motel Transyvainia – I Wanna Be Your Ghoul
Horrorpops – Hitchcock Starlet
Miss Dreadful – Undertaker
The Amphibious Man – The Spiders of the Purple Mage
Route 67 – Jack the Ripper
Morturizer – Dead Beat
Weird Omen – The Goat
Deadite – The Shadows
Black Cat Tango – Superbeast (Rob Zombie Cover)
They’re Ghouls – Friday the 13th
The Bloodstrings – Tonight We Dine In Hell
The Lillingtons – Pursuit of Pleasure
Cavaverman – Deadly Touch
The Dragstrip Devils – Heebie Jeebie Shakes
Monsters From Outer Space – Rites of Dracula
Damage Done By Worms – Ghostrider
No Use For A Name – The Munster’s Theme
5 Star Grave – Eat You Alive

Kamikaze Zombie – The Story of Jane Doe
Kamikaze Zombie – Manhunter
Sikes – Bits
Six Silver Bullets – Before the Devil Gives Him Wings
Route 67 – Color of The Blood
They’re Ghouls – Halloween Blues
The Witch Will Die Tomorrow – Beetlejuice’s Revenge
5 Star Grave – The Ballad of the Vampire
Deadite – The Damned
Damage Done By Worms – Psycho Visions
The Monsters From Outer Space – Flesh and Bone
Death Cat – I Am a Ghost
Dr. Hell – Dead Girl
The Devil’s Hand – Sick Bob
Jamey Rottencorpse and the Rising Dead – Addicted to Blood
Trash Bag – Death Race 2001
Screaming Dingos – Werewolves on Wheels
Doktor Avalanche – Lollipop Dead Girl
The Fiendish Phantoms – Ed
The Lillingtons – Zodiac
Trigger 13 – Prom Queen
Horropops – Ghouls
Miss Dreadful – It’s Not Necrophilia If It’s Undead
The Moans – Death Drives a Blue Green Jeep
Graveyard Bashers – Dead Cat Blues

Episode 207: Savage Beat | The Templars | The Filthy Lowdown | Chelsea

Savage Beat – Revenge
The Templars – Middle Road
The Templars – Devil’s Hand
Sweet Little Machine – Monsters
Beerzone – Punk Rock Party
[PSD]- Unicorn! Unicorn!
[PSD]- Good Noise
Chelsea – Control
Chelsea – Just Like Me
The Filthy Lowdown – Mischief
The Filthy Lowdown – Wear Yourself Thin
No Use For a Name – 1945
No Use For a Name – I’ve Heard
The Executors – Extinction
The Executors – Brain Basher
Form Rank – Delusion
Drunk Couples – Carcass
The Howlers – Don Giovanni
Depeartment S – Is Vic There
Nelson Can – Stonewall Frank
Halbstarke Jungs – Stunde X

Episode 206: Crack Matt And The Enablers | Punktual | This Is a Crisis | God Dammit Janet

Crack Matt And The Enablers (New York)
-Let Loose
-Very Vaguely

Punktual (Pennsylvania)
-Financial Neanderthals
-Misleading Opportunist
-Reeking Regiment Info

This Is a Crisis (Pickering, Ontario)
-It All Comes Down To You
-To The Throne…

God Dammit Janet (Waterford, Ontario)
-Keep It Simple
-Empty Beds
-Please Don’t Call

Relentless Turmoil (Mississauga Ontario)
-Punks Not Dead (Live)

Episode 205: Rapture | Small Man | Bark | Death Above | Spitball

Rapture (UK)
-Big Contest
-Talk is Cheap
-The New Wave

Small Man (Illinois)
-My Choice

Bark (Belgium)
-I Remain Untamed
-Black Steel
-Nine Lives

Death Above (Spain)
-War Never Changes
-Entire World Collapse
-Terror From Beyond

Spitball (Florida)