Episode 170: Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals | Xmas 2016 Pt. 2

He Who Cannot Be Named – War on Christmas
Hardknocks – This One’s For Us
Riot Gun – Beer for Xmas
Masked Intruder – Silent Night
The Coffin Caddies – Halloween on Xmas
Austrian Death Machine – Gotta Go
Big D and the Kids Table – Old Friend
Dead to Me – I Wanna Die in Los Angeles
The Record COllection – Long Lost Cabaret
Endorphins Lost – Choose Your Way
Deathwish – Demonic Attack
Deathwish – Fatal Attraction
The Southern Wolves – Good Riddance
The Southern Wolves – Fear of the Dark
Mahones – Give it all You Got

Episode 169: Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals | Xmas 2016 Pt. 1

Bishops Green – Christmas in New York
Misfits – Island of Misfit Toys
The Red Rippers – I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Blue Meanies – The Grinch
The Gonads – The Greatest Cockney Christmas
Bonecrusher – What Do We Got To Lose
Ruts DC – Music Must Destory
Ruts DC – Peace Bomb
GBH – Ha Ha
GBH – Big Women
City Saints – Fuck the Upper Class
City Saints – Street Punk Bop
Night Birds – One Eye
Barstood Preachers – Good News
Terrible Feelings – Impending Doom
Suicidal Tendencies – The New Degeneration
Suicidal Tendencies – Get Your Fight On
The Mighty Diamonds – Pass the Kouchie
Social Distortion – Far Side of Nowhere
Anti-Pasti – Rise Up

Episode 168: Chelsea | Broken Bones | Chron Gen | Prins Carl | Cash Registers

Chelsea – Right To Work
Broken Bones – Decapitated
Broken Bones – I.O.U
Psychic Dog – Body
Every Time I Die – I Didn’t Want To Join Your Stupid Cult Anyway
Public Animal – It Don’t Seem Right
Control – Punk Life
Chron Gen – Love This City
Chron Gen – Dangerous Game
Noise – The War Inside
Prins Carl – Refugee
Cannibal Animal – Grand Theft Manual
D.C Disorder – Naive to a World
Venom Prison – Desecration of Human Privilege
Habits – Indestructible
ToyGuitar – Peach Fuzz
Legion 76 – City Light
Make War – Ode
Cash Registers – Christmastime at the Dollar Store

Episode 167: Punk Rock A-Z: Rancid | Retching Red | Rat City Riot | Ramallah

Rancid – Silence is the Only Rule
Rancid – Hyena
Rancid – Just a Feeling
The Riffs – Life of Crime
The Resignators – Train Robbaz
Rejectors – Through My Mind’s Eye
Reducers S.F – We Are The People
Retching Red – Blue Kid Trapped in a Red State
Roadside Bombs – Down to the Beach
Rile 9 Collective – We Are the Rile
Razorcut – Just Another Day
Rat City Riot – What’s Wrong
Radio One – Pipebomb Rebels
Royal Oi! – Skinhead Loyalty
Radio 69 – Someones Gonna Die
Ramallah – Who am I
Riot Brigade – Free Minds
The Ricochets – Devil’s Highway
Razors in the Night – Skinheads Alright
Razorblade – Thunder
Rotting Out – I Don’t Care

Episode 166: Complaint | Angel Crew | Terror | Pizzatramp | NOFX

Complaint – On the Frontline
Complaint – Unity
Angel Crew – Road to Redemption
Angel Crew – Beat the Bastards (The Exploited Cover)
Terror – Other Worlds
Piece by Piece – Hating You
Full Scale Riot – Hold You To The Fire
The Osteoblasts – Cancer
Seaside Rebels – Never Admit
Drakulas – Crimson Carpets
Pizzatramp – CCT
Pizzatramp – Blowing Chunks
Stick To Your Guns – No Tolerance
Knocked Loose – Deadringer
The Dissociates – Radio Galway
Pinkerton Thugs – One Day
NOFX – Six Years on Dope
Victory – The Crew
Plague Vendor – Ox Blood
Harrington Saints – Four Walls
Brine – Kill The Ill
To The Wind – Exposed