Episode 222: Hardcell | Grit | Raise My Kilt | Roadside Bombs | Evil Edna

Hardsell – Suzie Brass Knuckles
Coldside – Lions Pride
Icons of Filth – Plastic Wrap
The Spitfires – Over and Over Again
The Agitators – I Wanna Know
The Agitators – Paradise
Tim Loud and the Psychotronic Men – Oh Yeah, Motorcycle
Stealers – Fast and Loose
Grit – Stray Bullets
Grit – Push on Through
Raise My Kilt – If the Kids Are United
Raise My Kilt – Raise My Voice
Roadside Bombs – Nowhere, CA
Roadside Bombs – Rise Up
The Horribles – The Voice
The Horribles – United States of Corporation
Whips – Goldmine
Evil Edna – Pennies in my Eyes