Episode 221: Punk Rock A-Z: W

Wisdom in Chains – Burn it Down
Wisdom in Chains – I Believe In Miracles
The Windowsill – Around ’97
Wasted Life – All Fucked Up
The Weirdos – (We’ve Got) The Neutron Bomb
Wake Up Call – Under Their Control
War On Women – Meathead
Whitemare – Metallicaz Playing at my House
The Warlords – Johnny
Wednesday Night Heroes – Foreign Policy
Wastoids – We Are (The Wastoid Crew)
Westbound Train – I Don’t Belong Here
Warfare – Ain’t Got No Attention
Weekend Bowlers – I Know Who My Friends Are
Wadeye – Never Forget
Wits Dead End – Life on the Line
Western Addiction – God Says No
The Warriors – Buddah of the Backstreets
Wasted Nation – Streets of Fear
Working Poor USA – Never Surrender
Workin’ Stuffs – Runnin’ the Flatlands