Episode 184: Punk Rock A-Z: U

U.K Subs – Stranglehold
U.K Subs – Living Dead
Unbreakable – Suffering for Satisfaction
Underground Railroad to Candyland – Dead Leg
Unit Sox – Street Rock and Roll Blues
Union Jack – First Class Criminals
The Uniques – My Conversation
Utter Failure – I Won’t Apologize
Urban Savage – When the Day Comes
The Undertones – Get Over You
Useless ID – Borrowed Time
Uniform Choice – No Thanks
US Bombs – Skater Dater
US Bombs – Orange Crunch
Unsung Heroes – The Real Ones
The Upsessions – Jackie Miller Down
The Uptowners – Donkey Tail
Union 13 – A Life’s Story
The Urban Voodoo Machine – Let You Rot
The Unseen – Explode
Urban Rejects – Urban Rejects
The Understudies – True Hate
Untouchables – Rat Patrol