Episode 175: Broken Cuffs | Slade and the Wasters | Sugar Eater | Relentless Turmoil

Piffbreak Arcade – Dead Man Walking
Broken Cuffs – Cultura
Broken Cuffs – These Boots
Slade and the Wasters – CKT
Slade and the Wasters – Price to Pay
Sugar Eater – Baby You’re a Drag
Relentless Turmoil – Punks Not Dead
Relentless Turmoil – Consumed
In Evil Hour – Far From Home
In Evil Hour – Little Death
Cockney Rejects – Bad Man
Face to Face – It’s Not Over
Face to Face – Late
86 Crew – Reggae Music Is So Nice
86 Crew – Ballroom Bash
Underclass UK – Rip Your Face Off
Colossal – Letting Go
Super Unison – Prove Yourself
The Lurkers – Take Me Back to Babylon
D.O.A – Dirty Bastards