Episode 174: NYHC Vol. 5

Sick of it All – Burn ‘Em Down
Sick of it All – Closer
Sick of it All – Us Vs. Them
Warzone – Don’t Forget the Struggle Don’t Forget the Streets
Warzone – Skinhead Youth
Sheer Terror – Owe You Nothing
Sheer Terror – Walls
United Nations – Fuck the Future
Merauder – Gangsta
Merauder – Until
Side by Side – My Life to Live
Side by Side – You’re Only Young Once
Quicksand – Backward
Quicksand – Delusional
25 Ta Life – We Got the Spirit – Hardcore Pride
All Out War – From the Bottom
King Nine – Free Will
King Nine – Made to Feel
Brain Waves – Can’t Look Back
Damage – This House
Damage – Anarchy
Risers – When Seven Ate Nine
Onpoint – Filter Ignorance